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uk plans to make plastic packaging producers pay for waste disposal

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-30
LONDON (Reuters)-
The UK will make plans on Monday to make a comprehensive overhaul of its recycling system, including having plastic packaging producers pay the full cost of waste disposal and introduce a deposit return plan for cans and bottles.
Environment Minister Michael Gove will introduce the plans, which also aim to make household garbage collection more consistent across the country and go out for three months of consultation.
\"We will introduce a world --
\"Leading taxes to increase the recycling content in plastic packaging, let producers pay for the disposal of packaging waste, and end the chaos of household recycling,\" Gove said in a statement . \".
Producers who fail to use enough recycled materials will pay taxes.
At present, producers only pay about 10% of plastic packaging waste, the ministry said.
Under the extended responsibility of the producer (EPR)
If packaging is more difficult to reuse or recycle, the industry will pay a higher fee.
The EPR of the package will increase by 0. 8 billion to 1 billion ($1 billion-1. 3 billion)
It was a year of recycling and disposal, the ministry said.
It added that the government will seek two options on how to implement a deposit return plan for cans, glass or plastic bottles.
The first target is a lot of drinks on the market, regardless of the container size.
The second one is called \"on-the-
Go \"model that will involve smaller container sizes
Those things that are most often consumed outside.
\"This could drive the recycling of about 3 billion plastic bottles that are currently being burned and sent to landfill sites or left to pollute the streets, rural areas and marine environment,\" the ministry said . \".
According to the British Department of Agriculture, the recovery rate of domestic waste in the UK has increased from about 11% in 2000/1 to about 45%, but since 2013, the recovery rate has stabilized.
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