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u.s. imposes new anti-dumping duties on chinese mattresses, beer kegs

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-18
WASHINGTON (Reuters)-The U. S.
The Ministry of Commerce said Wednesday that it had decided-
The United States is dumping special mattresses and stainless steel beer barrels. S.
Trading at a price below fair value, and-dumping duties.
German and Mexican-
The U. S. Department of Commerce said the manufacturing of stainless steel drums also suffered a new blow. The U. S.
The government has 79 responsibilities. 7% on Chinese-
A small wooden bucket was made, and the mattress was as high as 1731%. Major U. S.
Mattress companies have applied for relief, including Serta Simmons Bedding Co. , Ltd. , Leggett & Platt and Tempur Sealy International.
KEG also sought relief.
Responsibility is 8.
German beer barrels 6%, 18.
Mexican bucket 5%.
In 2017, refillable stainless steel barrels imported from China, Germany and Mexico cost $18. 1 million (14.
3 million pounds), $11.
Eight million, five dollars.
According to the Ministry of Defense, there are 7 million people. Pennsylvania-
Keg, an American-based website, said it was the only one in the United States. S.
Stainless steel drum manufacturer.
But to meet the demand for barrels of all sizes and styles, it will \"continue to purchase and import barrels from abroad, while improving our domestic barrel manufacturing capacity,\" it added.
In 2017, the United States imported $436.
5 million Chinese-
The Ministry of Commerce says it makes mattresses.
Responsibilities include adult mattresses, from double beds to oversized California beds, as well as baby beds or adolescent mattresses. The U. S.
The Customs and Border Protection Agency will begin collecting cash deposits from importers of mattresses and beer barrels before making a final decision in November.
Since the Trump Administration came into power, the Ministry of Commerce has launched 168 new counter-measures. -
The number of dumping and countervailing duty investigations is more than twice that of the previous government in the same period.
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