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Steel decoration brand industry is really born

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-26

Not sure if you are intimidated and deterred by the strategies of other brands? Or is the steel decoration enterprise self-imposing obstacles? Who is misleading the steel decoration industry? Who circled their own brand road?

Maybe some companies look down on steel accessories with deep pockets: 'It takes a long time and a lot of cost to make a brand. Steel decoration enterprises do not have this strength, they do not need to be a brand! & rdquo What is the final result? Steel trim can only be called the manufacturing factory of the world. So have you given up your efforts because of this and are still struggling with the low-end market day after day? Obviously, this is not what our steel decoration enterprises want to see. If the steel decorations are just as smooth as before, I am afraid that it will not be long before the sky will be compressed and eroded step by step, until it is finally forced to surrender.

If it is said that making a brand requires huge investment, it is nothing more than a kind of deterrence and intimidation from the strategic intentions of some large and medium-sized enterprises. Market competition is inherently a competition of intelligence and creativity. As for the height of the enterprise, it doesn't matter. Being high above cannot solve the problems faced by enterprises. If businesses still feel like 'I'm the boss' if the market is full of stars, that's too optimistic. Consumers don't feel close to dry facts and figures.

Building a brand is not like a rocket ship, which can enter the orbit of spaceflight right away, but it needs to take off like an airplane, and take off and run slowly on the runway, so that the passengers sitting inside will not be turned upside down.

To build a successful brand, the first thing to do is to create a unique connotation for the brand. This connotation cannot be resolved by itself. Brand connotation needs to be refined with scientific methods and systematic thinking. It is not the creativity of someone in the enterprise, but the objective voice of consumers.

It's really ironic that China made this tall hat. I hope our steel decoration enterprises will not lie on the domestic bed to accept the warmth of sugar-coated shells. They should be vigilant. Avoiding cowering is just an act of cowardice. When they miss opportunities, it's harder to start over. Since they chose the distance, don't be afraid of prickly. It is self-evident whether to be the sleeping lion of the world, or to be the lion of the world.

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