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Stainless steel pendant properties and maintenance

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-09

stainless steel pendant

It is a very special kind of metal jewelry, which is very cheap in texture, corrosion-resistant, not as black as silver, not as simple as copper jewelry, not as toxic as lead in alloy jewelry, and stainless steel jewelry.

It has always maintained its own color at room temperature for life, and the color is bright. and

stainless steel pendant


stainless steel jewelry

It has the advantages of not easy to deform, durable and colorfast, and easy to maintain. It is widely liked by us.

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How to maintain stainless steel pendants?

1. Handle with care to prevent collision and conflict, as well as contact with high temperature acetic acid and alkali solutions. Check frequently to prevent gems from falling. Go to the franchise store on time to check your jewelry, whether the claws are bent, and whether the inlaid bracket is deformed. The craftsman will do the necessary maintenance and maintenance for your jewelry, and will answer all kinds of questions in the process of wearing jewelry.

Second, prevent wear in rough and mixed environments or contact with acid and alkali environments, and prevent the outer metal layer from being corroded and faded. Avoid exposure to metals such as mercury, lead, and cosmetics, perfumes, vinegars, juices, bleaches, correction fluids and cosmetics containing lead and mercury. Human sweat will corrode metal jewelry, so it is best to wash metal jewelry every day in summer.

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