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Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers teach you how to match earrings of different materials?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-16
Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers teach you how to match earrings of different materials?

With the development of the times, earrings are no longer an exclusive decoration for women, and it is also very normal for fashionable men to wear earrings. Choosing the right earrings can add the finishing touch to your makeup and set off your temperament.

Our common types of earrings:

1. Nail-shaped earrings: This kind of earrings is the most popular and common type, which is what we often call 'earrings'. The needle of the earring passes through the ear hole and is fixed on the back of the ear with a bracket. Generally, when the ear is pierced at the beginning, the earrings are used.

2. Dangling earrings: Use two nail-shaped earrings to hang down on the ear beads, usually with a string of jewelry as embellishment, with different lengths, some hanging down to the shoulders, and dangling earrings with longer ornaments, usually for grand occasions Use, it can set off the elegant and luxurious temperament.

3. Hoop earrings: 360-degree hoop, with an opening in the middle, through the ear hole, many fashionistas like to wear such earrings. In ancient times, notched jade rings belonged to this type of hoop earrings, which were called jade jue.

4. Hanging earrings: The nail-shaped design without ear holes is hung on the back of the ear. This type of hanging is becoming more and more popular. Some collections feature these exaggerated metal dangling earrings.

5. Clip-shaped and magnet hanging earrings: For the convenience of those who do not have ear piercings, some ring-shaped earrings are designed to be clip-shaped and hold the ear beads. Granular or stud-shaped earrings generally cannot be designed to be clip-shaped, so it is necessary to use the characteristics of magnets to clip the ear beads. The magnet earrings are an outer earring with a magnet attached, and an inner mini magnet with opposite magnetism. The two magnets hold the ear beads firmly.

The matching of earrings should also be divided into styles and to modify the complexion and face shape

If you're wearing a champagne-colored evening dress, don't hesitate to choose pearls with similar hues for your earrings.

Friends with darker skin should not wear earrings that are too bright and bright. They can choose silver, white or gold to avoid some dull skin tones and show elegance.

For those with fair skin, it is suitable to wear earrings with contrasting colors, such as burgundy or pomegranate red, peacock blue, red, olive green, sea blue, brown, purple, blue or dark earrings to set off the brilliance of the complexion.

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