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Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers order requirements

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-08
Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers order requirements

With the continuous competition in the fashion jewelry industry, ordinary jewelry can no longer meet the needs of many consumers, resulting in a backlog of products in the warehouse. The emergence of personalized factory and branded customized production has allowed businesses to find new business opportunities. Personalized customized jewelry to meet the needs of different consumers.

Personalized customized jewelry is different from popular jewelry. It mainly meets consumers with diverse and unique styles, so the number of single styles is sometimes relatively small. As a large-scale production factory, too few quantities are not suitable for production lines, so manufacturers will have a minimum order quantity requirement when receiving orders.

The experience of the stainless steel jewelry foundry tells you that there will be a minimum order quantity for each customized jewelry with a small quantity. The minimum order quantity of the normal factory is 100 pieces, and the earrings are 100 pairs. Like some jewelry with relatively low unit price or difficult craftsmanship, the factory may have a minimum order quantity of more than 200 to be able to produce. If the quantity is less than this, it is difficult for the factory to accept the order. Because the factory is mass-produced, if the quantity is too small, it cannot be put on the production line. A new product has to go through 10 or 20 processes from design and development to the finished product. If the quantity is too small, the factory will lose money. This is why the manufacturer There will be a reason for the MOQ requirement.

Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers - KeKe Jewelry jewelry factory MOQ The specific situation is determined according to the product process. It is recommended that you visit the KeKe Jewelry website, our professionals will give you an accurate minimum order quantity according to your style!

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