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Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers introduce what kinds of stainless steel necklace buckles?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-16
Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers introduce what kinds of stainless steel necklace buckles?

As an important part of the stainless steel necklace, the necklace buckle undertakes the two major responsibilities of fixing the stainless steel necklace and presenting the overall effect. Since it is an important part of the necklace, how much do you know? Today, KeKe Jewelry will take you to understand the stainless steel necklace buckle.

1. Spring buckle: The most common type of necklace in life is such a mechanism. The spring mechanism is the most common and has many styles. The most common one is the one shown in the picture below. The opening and closing of the buckle is controlled by a spring-loaded mechanism, which is convenient for wearing. More slender and delicate titanium steel necklaces love to use it. Just be careful when using it, it will be bad if you break a certain part with improper force.

Second, the hidden button: the hidden button that big-name jewelry loves, the hidden button is basically invisible, and the gem is inlaid on it. In the custom processing of stainless steel jewelry, this kind of necklace buckle is fixed by the spring plate into the groove, and the shape can be decorated, made hollow or inlaid with a gemstone on the top, the creativity is free to play, and the shape can be round or square.

3. W buckle: You must be familiar with the shape of a 'bend and twist'! It is called 'W button' or 'M button', and it is mainly opened and closed by hand. It is mostly used for stainless steel necklaces with good ductility, which can withstand repeated bending without breaking, and has good bearing capacity.

4. S buckle: Similar to 'W buckle', there is also 'S buckle', which is mostly used on bracelets. When using it, it needs to be broken apart before it can be worn, so it is mostly used for metals with very good ductility. But they are not clasps with openings on both sides, but are welded firmly on one side to prevent the stainless steel necklace from slipping. The disadvantage is that it has certain limitations in materials because it needs to be opened and closed by hand to wear.

5. Lobster clasp: This kind of necklace clasp is the most common one we usually use. It is named because of its shape resembling a lobster and is widely used. This kind of buckle is more common in bracelets, and it is convenient to adjust the size of the bracelet. It is also widely used in the custom processing of stainless steel jewelry. The disadvantage is that the appearance is not beautiful enough, and the decoration is too small.

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