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Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers introduce to you how their production process is

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-08

Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers introduce to you how their production process is

Knowing some common stainless steel jewelry processing techniques can make your understanding of titanium steel jewelry go further. KeKe Jewelry summarizes the following common processes.

Stainless steel jewelry production process

1. Inlaid carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is used on stainless steel jewelry, which can make the surface of the jewelry have a three-dimensional fibrous shape, and if it is reflected by light, it will move up and down with your sight, showing a three-dimensional effect, which is very beautiful and can fully display the stainless steel jewelry. The trend is relatively, the price of carbon fiber inlaid in titanium steel jewelry is also relatively expensive.

2. Inlaid resin

For stainless steel jewelry workers to inlay resin, first heat the jewelry with high temperature, and then smear the resin on the surface of the jewelry. Because of the heating treatment, it will not fall off easily during the wearing process.

3. Wire cutting

One of the processes of stainless steel jewelry processing is wire cutting. The use of wire cutting technology is to use molybdenum wires of different sizes and a wire cutting machine to cut out the shape of the jewelry at a very slow speed, and then polish it by hand. The more complex and difficult styles, The longer the shipping time.

Four, inlaid zircon

There are two ways to inlay zircon in stainless steel jewelry processing. One is to directly stick it with AB glue. This is a special glue for pasting jewelry. It is very firm and does not need to be afraid of falling off easily. There is another way, which is to use machine pressing, which is complicated and fine in workmanship, but the price will be much more expensive than that of AB glue.

5. Polished surface

The polishing process used by jewelry processing factories, in simple terms, is to apply polishing wax on the high-speed rotating cotton polishing wheel, and by touching the cloth wheel with jewelry, the surface of the jewelry becomes bright and can also reflect light.

6. Sandblasting

Working principle: Put the sand in the water, use the grinding fluid pump and compressed air, and spray the grinding fluid onto the surface of the stainless steel jewelry at high speed through the spray gun, so as to form a layer of silver-gray coating, which makes the jewelry look more beautiful and has the effect of not easy to fade. .

Seven, precision die casting

The process commonly used in jewelry processing plants is precision die-casting. Generally, first use wax to carve out the sample of the jewelry you want to make, then put the sample in gypsum, dewax, dissolve the raw material at a high temperature of 1500~2000 degrees, and then pour it into the gypsum mold, and then pressurize , demoulding and manual polishing and other processes are also more complicated processes. Different plaster molds are required for die casting, and the price will vary.

Eight, pulling sand noodles

The sandblasting process uses a sandpaper belt to make the surface of stainless steel jewelry into a frosted effect, so that the surface of the jewelry presents a matte effect.

Nine, vacuum plating

There are several types of vacuum electroplating in jewelry processing plants. The vacuum electroplating process used in stainless steel jewelry processing is mainly vacuum electroplating in the furnace. Such a film can form a protective film on the surface of the jewelry, and coat the 18k gold film layer, which can prolong the color retention time. Wait.

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