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Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers explain the allergic phenomenon of jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-07
First of all, stainless steel jewelry manufacturers first talk about the different materials of jewelry.

Brass: Copper reacts to make the skin look green. The jewelry we wear may not be pure copper, but it has enough copper in it to react with the skin. Especially when some people have strong body chemistry, they are more prone to spots.

Sterling silver jewelry: Sterling silver contains 7.5% copper, but most of the spots caused by sterling silver jewelry are black, and they all occur after the metal and air react to become black. Some sterling silver jewelry is coated to prevent air oxidation, but the coating will gradually peel off with prolonged wear.

Gold Jewelry: Gold on its own will hardly leave any stains on your skin, but other metals mixed in it will. Copper, nickel and silver are mixed with gold to change the tone of gold, but also to make it harder and reduce its cost. Any of these metals can leave their marks on your skin. The smaller the K (Karat) on gold jewelry, the lower the purity of gold and the higher the content of other metals. Some people wear 10K gold without any reaction, but some people have to buy 18K gold to prevent discoloration.

Nickel-containing jewelry: If you are allergic to nickel, it leaves you with more than just a blemish. Wearing nickel-containing jewelry can make your skin itchy, red, and even yellowish.

So how to avoid allergies?

Wear high-purity metal jewelry, such as 18K gold. Try to choose platinum jewelry, it is very expensive, but it hardly reacts with the skin and is generally not allergic; apply a layer of transparent nail polish where the jewelry touches the skin; if possible, choose stainless steel jewelry; titanium jewelry is not easy to harmonize with Skin reaction, no metal allergy; buy jewelry with 'hypoallergenic' on the label, specially made for people with sensitive skin; keep skin dry when wearing jewelry; keep jewelry clean to avoid rust.

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