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Stainless steel jewelry foundry to explain the knowledge of pearl jewelry cleaning and maintenance

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-07
Stainless steel jewelry foundry to explain the knowledge of pearl jewelry cleaning and maintenance

Although pearls are beautiful, they are also delicate. If they are not maintained, they will gradually lose their luster. Today, KeKe Jewelry, a stainless steel jewelry foundry, is here to talk to you about the cleaning and maintenance of pearl jewelry.

①, stay away from the kitchen

There are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl, so it is not suitable for it to inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls will absorb substances such as hairspray, perfume, etc. So don't wear pretty pearls to the electricity generator, and be careful in the kitchen. Don't wear beautiful pearls to cook dishes, steam and oil fumes can seep into the pearls and turn them yellow.

②, sheepskin wait

After wearing pearls (especially on hot days), wipe them clean before putting them away. It is best to use sheepskin, not tissue paper, because the friction of some tissue papers will wear out the pearls.

③, not close to clear water

Do not clean pearl necklaces with water. Water can get into the pores of the beads, which is not only difficult to wipe dry, but may also ferment the inside and the bead lines may turn green. If there is a lot of perspiration when wearing, it can be carefully wiped off with a soft damp towel and stored after air-drying.

④, need air

Although pearls are beautiful, they are also delicate. Do you know the knowledge of pearl jewelry cleaning and maintenance?

Do not keep pearls in safes for long periods of time, and do not seal them in plastic bags. Pearls need fresh air, and they have to be taken out and worn every few months to allow them to breathe. If the pearls are kept in the box for a long time, they are easy to turn yellow. (Ren Laozhuhuang, that's what he meant.)

⑤, bead chain maintenance

Do not hang the bead chain for a long time, the chain line will also deform over time. It's a good idea to have a long bead chain tying the thread between each bead. This practice prevents beads from rubbing against beads. Even if the thread breaks, the beads won't be scattered around and you will only lose one bead at most.

⑥, 3 years to change the line

Pearls are best restringed every 3 years, depending on the number of times they are worn. Dirt that enters the hole of the bead will generate friction, which will break the nylon thread, and the broken position will be subjected to force close to the button.

There are many maintenance methods for pearls, and KeKe Jewelry accessories will not be introduced one by one. However, KeKe Jewelry still wants to remind everyone that pearls are not only afraid of being stuffy, but also afraid of exposure to the sun. For more relevant news, please pay attention to KeKe Jewelry.

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