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Stainless steel jewelry foundry tells you how to choose jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-14
Stainless steel jewelry foundry tells you how to choose jewelry?

There are various kinds of popular jewelry, materials, colors, quality, etc., and the quality of products produced by each jewelry factory is also different. And many consumers are very concerned about a problem: various quality problems appear in the purchased jewelry after wearing it for a long time. So how to distinguish the quality of jewelry? Today, KeKe Jewelry, a stainless steel jewelry foundry, will introduce you to it.

The experience of KeKe Jewelry, a stainless steel jewelry factory, tells you that to distinguish the quality of a piece of jewelry, it can be measured from the material, workmanship, electroplating, diamonds, accessories, etc.

Looking at the quality of a product, everyone will first look at the material. They think that the precious material and the processed jewelry must be of high quality. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Although the material is different, the processing technology will also be different, and the effect of the product will be different. But low-end materials can also be used to make high-end jewelry. Whether the material is precious or not can only determine its price after processing.

After reading the material, we probably know the quality of the product. After reading the material, we need to look at the workmanship of the product. For the workmanship, we should first look at the overall polishing effect of the product, and what is the color of the electroplating. Sample? The overall electroplating glossy surface of a good product has a mirror-backlight effect, and the surface looks very smooth and flat. This kind of workmanship must be achieved, and this product can be regarded as medium and high-end quality.

After watching the electroplating and polishing effect, we need to look at the accessories on the product, such as whether the diamond is smooth, the brightness of the diamond is good, whether other accessories are defective, etc. From these accessories, we can see the quality of the product. How is the overall quality.

If you want high-quality products, you must find regular jewelry manufacturers to produce them, regardless of workmanship or materials.

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