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Some tips for buying stainless steel necklaces

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-29
Regarding some tips on how to buy stainless steel necklaces, KeKe Jewelry believes that you only need to pay attention to a few points, namely the size, quality, form of the chain clasp and the style of the necklace.

1. The size of the stainless steel necklace. It is very important to choose the right size for you, too long or too short will make you unsatisfied. There are many people who don't notice it when they buy it. It is more troublesome to buy it if it is not suitable and want to return it. Generally, the two sizes of necklaces 42 and 54 are more common and suitable for most people.

2. The quality of the stainless steel necklace. Quality is reflected in material, polishing and electroplating. Pay attention to what material is used, whether it is 304 or 316 steel, whether it has been polished, whether it has been electroplated, and whether it is protected by packaging.

3. The form of the chain buckle. We recommend choosing necklaces with lobster clasps or magnet clasps, because these two kinds of clasps are more convenient to wear or take off.

4. The style of the necklace. This mainly depends on the style choice you wear, there are not too many restrictions, it depends on the style you like.

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