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some fitbit force owners complain of severe skin irritation

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-06-20
Some owners of Fitbit Force, the company\'s latest wrist
Wear activity tracker measuring steps, climbing stairs, heat consumption and sleep reported severe irritation to the skin, including rash, blisters and peeling.
Some of these people went to Fitbit and Engadget online forums and Twitter with complaints, and they reported that they were seeking medical care for injuries caused by the band.
Fitbit Force went public last fall and retailed for $130. News of Force-
Consumers reported skin problems for the first time on Monday.
Wearable devices, the so-called wearable device, with sensors connected to the network or application and collecting data including sleep and heart rate, are popular projects at International CES last week, annual technology trade show in Las Vegas.
Fitbit\'s complaint is that the company is becoming a leader in emerging markets.
According to market research firm NPD Group, Fitbit is responsible for 68% full time jobs
Body trackers sold for the year ended January. 4.
All Fitbit Force bracelets are currently displayed as deferred orders on Fitbit\'s website.
In a statement to Huffington Post, Fitbit said that \"many factors\" may \"cause skin irritation\", including sensitivity to stainless steel of equipment containing nickel, \"Reaction to bacteria that may accumulate in the wristband, or sensitivity to the elastic material of the wristband.
\"The company said it would provide refund or exchange services to the affected person.
According to interviews with five people and posts on the Fitbit Forum, which had swelled to 24 pages on Monday night, the rash on the wrists of some force owners seemed to follow a similar pattern: A person used force without accident for a few weeks, and after charging a few times, noticed that red appeared below the main part of the device, with red on the sensors, batteries, monitors and charging ports.
Mike Townsend, 56, is a retired air traffic controller from Wis River Falls.
He said his skin became annoyed after wearing clothes for about two or three weeks.
At first, he thought that the stimulation was caused by bacteria, so he wiped the bracelet clean with an alcohol wet towel and must wipe the wrist after exercise.
But the rash got worse.
\"Obviously, my pain threshold is high because I don\'t wear anything on my left wrist,\" Townsend said in an interview with Huffington Post . \". \"Even a tight-
The fitted shirt will be very exciting.
\"Townsend described his skin as itchy under the force,\" raised his head in a rough red place.
\"Anything that would rub it would be painful,\" Townsend said . \".
\"The wounds are like this, and if you scratch them they break, bleed or bleed.
This is unpleasant, to say the least.
\"Townsend tried to transfer the power to his other wrist, wearing the band more loosely, but after about a week his skin became annoyed again.
He has returned the device to Fitbit and is waiting for a refund.
He says his wrist is healing, albeit at a slow pace.
\"It is not clear what caused this response at the moment, and some rash patients who posted on the forum said they had no problems with Force\'s predecessor Fitbit Flex, the latter, like Force, has a stainless steel snap ring with nickel marks.
Some people, including Townsend, interviewed by Huffington Post, said they had never been allergic to metal watches or jewelry before.
Some reported no known allergic reactions.
On Fitbit\'s forum, some owners reported that skin reactions appeared to come from where the battery charging area was in contact with the skin.
Some fans of the product said they were trying to cover the bottom of the tracker using electronic tape or moleskin, but it was reported that the tape was \"bubbling\" on the charging port \".
Some people with complaints reported receiving a canned email response from Fitbit.
Clients interviewed by Huffington Post and people posting on the Fitbit Forum expressed frustration that the company did not do more or say more.
When people start reporting issues in the topic in December, community moderators respond to individuals in the forum.
But after Christmas, the host was silent as complaints increased.
Fitbit reportedly deleted his comments on his Facebook page about skin irritation.
\"You pay $129 for a product and then end up asking for professional medical help for the rash that comes out of using the product, which is unacceptable,\" said Susan Pomeroy . \", 63-year-
Old fitness coach from Lawrence, Kansas.
She said she went to see a doctor last month after she forced a rash.
Pomeroy, who was diagnosed with contact dermatitis and took prednisone prescription, said she was frustrated that the company had not issued an official statement or warned people.
\"I am worried about the health of other people,\" said Pomeroy . \".
The photo shows Susan pomiroy wearing the wrist after Fitbit Force.
Pomeroy said that when the photo was taken, she had completed a full course of prednisone and wore three weeks of force on her left wrist, only on her right
This photo shows the wrist of Steven Adams, 31, Charleston, USA. Va.
He said he took the drug after wearing Fitbit Force for about a month.
Fitbit\'s full statement: We know that some of our customers have reported that they wear Force devices and their skin is stimulated.
We conduct tests to meet a wide range of international recognized standards related to material safety in our equipment.
The Fitbit wristband is made of elastic material similar to many sports watches and does not contain latex.
The Fitbit Force card ring and casing are manufactured by surgery
Grade stainless steel, commonly used in watches, jewelry and other products in contact with the skin.
As with any jewelry or watch, many factors can cause skin irritation, such as nickel sensitivity (
Surgical stainless steel is an alloy containing a small amount of nickel)
, Reaction to bacteria that may accumulate in the wristband, or sensitivity to the elastic material of the wristband.
But our customers are our top priority, so we have taken some steps to make it acceptable for any customer who feels they are allergic to a Fitbit device, including offering a refund or choosing a replacement tracker.
Fitbit will process all shipping charges and provide a refund for any price difference.
Like Huffington Post, Engadget is owned by AOL.
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