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simple cardboard pirate treasure chest gift box

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-14
This is a little thing my fiancé and I prepared for a friend\'s birthday.
He is four years old. he really likes pirates.
So we bought him a pirate themed game and decided to make a treasure chest with a gift box.
We already have a lot of material around the house, so we don\'t spend anything but my time (about an hour)
The shape and design of the box.
We plan to \"bury\" the gift somewhere in his house (
We live in a city without a yard! )
We will give him a treasure map of the plan to find it.
I created it happily and didn\'t have much emphasis on the perfect corner (he\'ll be four! )
So there\'s no real measurement here.
I would love to hear how you revised the idea as per your needs.
You need materials.
I gather: a large cutting pad (
Things that protect your surface)a box cutter (
The sharp blade really helps
A carton (
We recycled a rectangular medium shipping box)
Roll L metal square transparent Scottish suede tape of 1/2 \"1\" wide black pipe tapethin point sharpie marker12 \"wide double sided taperoll about 3ft x 1ft Brown craft paperback wide felt black and brown markersa brown color pencil gold metal markera gold metal gift Baum shine your gift put it well
Put your gift in the box to estimate the correct height required for your \"wall.
Just above the \"gift line\", insert your sharp box cutter blade into every corner of the wall and cut to the top.
Be careful of your position, so you won\'t stab your arm or eyes if your blade slides, it\'s a Pirate Party, not a horror film.
Bending the cut walls on the gift line, you will see the flaps of the cover meet neatly on the gift and have formed the treasure chest dome effect. Hooray! (
This step may need to be modified according to the size of your box)
Now you have the dome, but both sides are wrong.
You can cut the flaps completely, but it is good to provide extra support to the flaps.
So we need to redecorate. fold them.
First, gently hold your \"Dome\" to get the right arch, when the top flaps fold each other (
See the second photo in step 1).
Track this Arch along the inside of your Flap wall.
Rotate your box flaps down on the mat cutting board, use your L square ruler to draw a straight line from the bend of each arch line to the top of the flap (
Both sides do so).
Cut those ruler lines with your box cutter.
Now you have three flaps on each side, two new narrow side flaps and a wider center flap.
Naturally fold along the wall of the box to cut two new narrow flaps on both sides.
Note: Do not cut the center flaps.
See photo 4 here.
Fold each short narrow flap into the box at a sharp angle.
See photo 5 here.
If needed, punch the cardboard inside using the dull side of the box cutter.
Note: Do not push hard with the blade when punching.
Draw a line using a ruler to attach the top corner of each folded narrow plane to the wide center flap.
Fold two wide center flaps along this line, which will allow the center flaps to meet neatly while folding.
Again, punch the cardboard with the dull side of the blade to help you fold neatly.
You should finish the start of a simple treasure chest (last photo).
So I want my treasure chest to open from the front rather than from the top like a box.
I want it to have a little bit of lip and I can put my \"lock\" there.
I noticed that the long flaps on my wall overlap and decided to cut one off.
It looks wild, but believe me. . .
Wire a long wall flap along its fold and take it out.
My cut-outs are not very neat, so I decided to put the rough edges of the cut-off flaps inside and I would use the nice box factory cut-outs as my lock edge.
Place the cut flap on the cutting pad, trim the rough edges, leaving about 1 inch of the material.
Place a double sided tape along the bottom of the new 1 inch flap. (
I put the tape on the bottom of this flap so there will be smooth edges in front of my cover).
Polish the tape with the smooth bottom of the box cutter, remove the backing and add another belt, completely covering the bottom of the new flap with double sided tape (
You don\'t need to repeat if you\'re using 1 inch double sided tape, I\'m using 1/2).
Polish and remove the backing.
The 1 inch flap tape that cuts the edge is at the top of the cutting edge of the remaining wall folds.
Seeing the photo, you now have a long dome cover that opens on one side.
When you close the lid, you will notice a \"extended lip \".
Press and hold the lid and use your sharpie to mark the position where the front exterior wall meets the protruding lip below both sides.
Flip your box over to the mat cutting board and use the L ruler to draw a straight line that connects these points.
Punch this line with the dull side of your box cutter.
Now, when you close your box, you can fold the prominent lips and have a place to \"put your Lock \".
Hooray, it\'s starting to feel like a treasure chest! !
This step is probably the most time consuming and detail oriented, so I split it into two parts.
It needs more planning and careful cutting/folding in order to make it tidy.
If you \'ve gone so far, I\'ll assume you have some gift wrapping skills to match your DIY instincts and I\'m sure you\'ll revise my direction as needed for your box size.
I did this: First of all, I told myself that I did this to impress a child, not to impress the parents attending the meeting.
Also, I don\'t care much about perfect sides or corners. . . .
But I have my pride and you will see where it works. Second.
Since I had a brown craft paper, I decided to wrap the length of the box first.
The length here = the top of the front wall, below, on the back wall, through the dome up and down the lock lip.
I\'ll cover both sides later to disguise my paper label.
When I cut off the wall folds at the last step to make the lock lip, my cut was uneven.
To cover this up, I folded the edges of my craft paper, along the inside and outside of the top edge of my front exterior wall with double-sided tape, cutting the paper that the dome edge meets with the front, and tape the folded paper on it --
Clean Edge!
Now fold the paper under and around the box.
Use your traditional gift wrapping tips to create neat corners and double sided tape to carefully secure these edges.
Don\'t worry about covering the sides, but be sure to wrap the paper a few inches around the edge of the side wall.
When you reach the edge of the front top (the lock lip)
Increase the paper by about 2 inch and cut the rest.
Fold these extra inches and fix the paper with double tape on both sides of the edge of the locked lip cardboard.
I also wrapped the edges of the paper around the cardboard edges on the dome cover with double sided tape.
You should end with a seamless carton on top and back.
This part of this step will really test your gift packaging patience!
I still have enough brown craft paper left to cover the exact length and width of each panel.
It\'s weird because I didn\'t pre-
But Measure it anyway. . .
With the remaining half of the paper, I folded a very narrow cuff along the bottom, top and side of the paper \"panel --
Because my cut is not perfect again.
Add double sided tape along the edge of the wall, but leave about 1/4-
1/2 from the actual edge. . .
This happens if your paper panel is not completely square.
Fold the sides of the inside cut along the sloping top to add double sided tape and wrap the tape around the top edge for about half an inch.
Look at the first photo.
Polish the tape and remove the backing.
Place the paper side plate carefully.
Cut along the flap at the top with your gift packing ability, I did not cut the paper inside the sloping flap seam, see figure 2.
Fold the paper at the edge and add adhesive tape to bond.
I only have enough paper and barely cover the top edge of the long flap.
Repeat on both sides. . .
You should end up with a lovely treasure chest of paper.
Wu Hu, the hard part is over.
We can play now.
I started adding my yellow/gold gift paper, my gift and some shiny yellow/gold plastic gadgets to the front wall of the box (
Pirates always spill their gold, don\'t they? ).
I glued the inside of my gadget to the gift and covered it with a golden metal gift bow.
Anything else in the box should now be added and protected as we will \"lock\" the box and we need to flip it over during the decoration.
I sealed my box with 1 inch black tape.
Starting from the bottom at the back, I recorded a continuous black tape along the left and right edges of the box, hanging a few inches on the lock lip.
From the front of the bottom on the left and right to the top of the front wall, bring a piece of continuous black tape.
I fold the long hanging edge of the first piece of tape over the end to make a label that is \"easy to release.
Use a few short black tape in the center of the front to really \"lock\" it with a box shape.
I know, it looks a bit like Charlie Chaplin right now, but we\'ll fix this with wide felt marks in black and brown.
Draw border edges with black marks, be sure to add circles for your gold \"bolts\" before filling in black.
Note: Don\'t forget to draw the key hole! !
Make boards using brown marks.
Make wood prints with your brown pencil.
Create \"bolts\" with your gold mark \".
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