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Share the collocation of titanium steel necklace

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-08
Titanium steel necklaces are now more and more sought after by young people, but I don't know if you know the matching skills of titanium steel necklaces.

First, the matching skills of titanium steel necklace

The chain is one of the ornaments of the human body, and it is an early jewelry. In addition to the decorative function of necklaces, some necklaces also have special display functions, such as Catholic cross chains and Buddhist rosary beads.

From ancient times to the present, in order to beautify the human body itself and the environment, people have created various necklaces of different styles, different characteristics and styles to meet the aesthetic needs of people of different skin colors, different nationalities and different aesthetics.

Second, the titanium steel necklace of the jewelry processing factory should match the face and neck shape

1. Oval face

MM with an oval face is suitable for wearing jewelry with almost all styles. Similarly, various styles of necklaces are also suitable for people with oval faces. And if it is a long oval face, you can consider using a short necklace to coordinate. Although the oval face is a good match for accessories, it is easy to give people the feeling of a good wife. She is very elegant but not fashionable, so don't choose too mature necklaces or earrings, such as pearl earrings and necklaces with small diamonds. Kind of old-fashioned.

2. Round face

MM with a round face should not wear a neck-neck style, or the chain is too thick and complicated, such as a collar or a thick necklace made of round beads, which will give people a very tight feeling. At the same time, avoid the use of round and fan-shaped necklaces, which will make the face appear more round.

In order to create a visual effect of increasing the length of the face and decreasing the width of the face, the jewelry processing factory should choose a long necklace with a round face, and use the V-shaped effect of the long necklace to decorate and elongate the facial line. The most suitable length is from the collarbone to the middle of the chest. The length of the necklace should be at least 16 inches / 53 cm (generally the length of the silver chain), which can make your neck line more beautiful. If you want the face to grow and narrow, the pendant should be rectangular or drop-shaped, which can make the plump face soft and firm. At the same time, the extension of the pendant will make the line of sight move down, bringing a deep and elongated feeling to the neck, showing the purity and elegance of MM's tenderness.

3. Square face

MM with a square face should choose a pendant with a sleek shape, such as a drop-shaped, oval, or long-arc necklace, which can ease the angle of the face. The material can be a little softer, such as pearl necklaces, ribbon necklaces, etc., which can soften the facial lines that are too masculine. Necklaces should be longer than the collarbone, and you can also mix and match lengths, such as a string of beaded beads that are long at the chest, and a metal pendant embellished between the collarbone, which will form a beautifully proportioned match. For people with short necks, the necklace length should be below the collarbone, and the position below the middle of the chest will look good. In order to avoid repeating the face shape, do not wear sharp-edged shapes such as squares, triangles, or pentagons, and do not choose too cold steel or silver jewelry for materials and colors. Mild yellow gold and rose gold are good choices.

4. Inverted triangle face shape

MM with an inverted triangle face is very suitable for wearing short chains, collars and other necklaces that can produce a 'round effect' when worn, especially those with round beads, which can produce a 'round effect' feeling, which can increase the chin of a melon-faced beauty The weight of the face makes the facial lines look more rounded and plump. The pendant with horizontal stripes can balance the pointed chin and make the facial lines look softer and rounder. Avoid wearing jewelry with obvious angles, such as equilateral triangle and hexagonal necklaces.

5. Long face

MM with a long face can wear round and horizontally designed jewelry. Their beautiful arc features can subtly increase the facial line. In addition, people with long faces are more suitable for wearing necklaces with a 'round effect', such as traditional pearl and gemstone beaded necklaces are ideal choices. The length of the necklace should not exceed 16 inches / 53 cm, and the distance between the collarbone is the best. Double-layer and three-layer necklaces are also more suitable for people with long faces.

6. Diamond-shaped face

MM with a diamond-shaped face is more suitable for simple but dazzling accessories, such as a long single diamond necklace. Because the cheekbones are too high, it is already a show. If you wear something too complicated, it will look very messy. Therefore, you can choose precious metal jewelry with good texture, embellished with some small shiny diamonds, to set off the whole temperament. You can grasp the principle of one long and one short, such as long earrings and small necklace pendants, and vice versa. Absolutely say no to large accessories. If the matching is not good, it is easy to have a heavy dust smell. It is also necessary to avoid pendants with obvious shapes such as diamonds, hearts, and inverted triangles.

7. Others

Those with short necks should choose a slightly slender necklace or a tower-shaped necklace with beads that gradually rise from large to small, so that the length of the neck can be visually increased, and thicker necklaces should not be worn.

The above is the jewelry processing factory KEKE to share with you the collocation of titanium steel necklaces, I hope you are beautiful every day!

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