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seeking a little taste of home

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-13
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 2/5/2010 (3379 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. ALTONA —
Does anyone know where Cam Friesen can find chocolate licorice?
Not for himself. Noooooo.
Friesen provides Canadian snacks for Canadians living abroad, especially in the United StatesS.
Chocolate Licorice
Not coated with chocolate, but mixed in licorice
Is a special requirement.
More typical is tomato sauce and chips, Hawkins cheese (
The crispy one)
Or ice tea, a good host for foreigners.
They then contacted Friesen on the internet or, more specifically, the coffee and candy company of his Internet company, Caffeine Cam.
If you can believe it, people are even willing to pay the highest dollar for a bag of Daddy\'s cookies, especially Dad\'s candy ring, which is more credible --the chocolate-
Coated rings of coconut and oatmeal.
What about the biggest seller?
Prepare H and Revlon shampoo.
Please note that it is not for consumption.
The city\'s legendary Preparation H is a great cream to remove wrinkles and edema under your eyes.
Lulu is part of some nostalgic retro sport.
\"The number of people ordering is so large that we walk into the store and clean them up,\" said Irene, Cam\'s wife . \".
Food companies have many customized products and flavors for different regions.
For example, Britain has wisdom in the taste of red flowers, radishes, black carrots, lemons, Furong and red cabbage.
The business of Caffeine Cam has grown from experiment to second income.
His regular job is to work at a book printer at Friesen.
On the other hand, he bought the vending machine and decided to try cross-border advertising on the Internet.
He already has the number of tax on snacks and goods and services.
Also, Altoona is custom made
Made for mail order business because people use the post office of N. NecheD. , a 10-
Minutes drive.
S. Post is two to three times faster than Canada Post, at least 25 cents cheaper (
Even to destinations in Canada. )
The couple are still selling eBay.
They hope to have a website www. caffeinecam.
This will eliminate the 12 cents charged by eBay and reduce the price.
So far, their services have received 761 positive user responses, 5 neutral user responses, and 1 negative user response.
\"I think he mixed us up with others,\" Erin said of the negative response . \".
Ame Shillington of Mitchell is a very positive customer.
Now living in Austin, Texas.
Shillington\'s weakness is a good mix of host ice tea powder.
\"My mom always keeps it in the kitchen, but you can\'t get it to the south of the border,\" she said . \".
So she searched the internet and found a coffee seller.
\"His price is perfectly reasonable,\" she said . \"
Ame\'s sister, who also lives in Texas, ordered some old French fries from the Netherlands, especially for tomato sauce, as well as caramel chocolate bars.
Mysteriously disappeared in the United States. S.
\"It just sees the packaging and remembers.
You know, it just brought me home?
He\'s serving all of us . \"
\"There are a lot of Canadians in Austin, and I mentioned them as well.
They will come over and say, \'Oh, my God!
You have a nice master iced tea.
Where did you get it?
\"The price of the product is more than twice the retail price, plus the freight. A 235-
A bag of chips costs $6.
49, the freight is $6 to $7, a total of $13.
The more you buy, the more
Unit freight.
Unlike many Internet companies, Friesens charges actual shipping charges.
If they can package the product at a lower shipping cost, they will even refund it.
Other popular French fries include dill pickles
Crispy Bacon, salt and vinegar, and \"bold BBQ\" Doritos.
Clodhopper chocolate is popular, as are dark coffee chips and Kit Kats.
Then old.
Juicy Fruit of Wrigley, gummy gum.
Only one woman in Washington bought two boxes at a time, 144 sticks per box.
Also, surprisingly, the foul market is big
Taste Buckley\'s cough medicine (
It was made in Sydney. S.
Where did it start).
Another big thing is Red River hot cereal.
People buy boxes, which weigh 18 kilograms.
\"It\'s important to me that when people get excited, especially when there are special requests, it\'s like Christmas for them,\" Cam said . \".
Customers include Americans who visit Canada and try a certain product, or Americans who grew up in Canada. bill.
Redekop @ freepress. mb.
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