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safety fancy necklace

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-12
Now, there are many useful products on the market about women\'s safety or just personal safety.
But the main problem is that when you want to use products like pepper spray or emergency services, you need to distract the tracker or the person who threatens you, so you can paint a pepper spray or call 911.
This gadget will come in handy in this case.
A few years ago, the police department was equipped with non-lethal gadgets to disorient anyone suspicious.
These gadgets include high-power Led gadgets that cause temporary blindness and loss of direction and are then easily controlled.
Those like guns used to have a brightness of about 90 lumens.
This necklace uses the same concept and can be made with little effort.
Not only can you make a necklace in simple steps, but you can also make a ring or a headscarf and anything you like.
What you need is listed below: high power led normal led welding equipment connection wire glue (pvc)
Most of the things you may already have, all you need to do is buy high power led.
Before you go ahead, here are some small electronics involved in the production of this project and you should be aware of this so you can get the maximum brightness from the high power led and not
I used 1 w led in my project, but you can pursue higher power than me.
Circuit time now. . .
I used 9 v battery here and my circuit has high power led between normal led.
3 v per led.
Now the rated power of the high power led is 1 w, so if 3 v is consumed by 1 w led, then according to the formula power = x current, it will draw the current to make the power equal to 1 w, currently the drawing will be around 330.
Since the same amount of current will flow in the normal led as well, it will surely burn them down.
Therefore, you need to add LEDs in parallel so that the current is distributed between them and will not run out.
Look at the picture.
Here is the preparation of the fancy part.
I am not good at craft and other things so you can do something with your imagination.
First of all, do pvc glue.
When making, mix water and glue by 3:1.
Then take some paper towels, dip in pvc glue and roll over the straw. Let them dry.
Then place the led on a glass or plastic sheet and drop the normal glue on it as shown. Let them dry.
This will help the led in the necklace to maintain a firm position and increase the appearance of the glacier for them.
Now, when the straws are dry, color them with paint or sketch pen.
Cut them into small pieces.
You finished your craft.
It\'s time to test the circuit.
A lot of patience and testing is required for each project.
Now, before forming the circuit into the final product, test your circuit and test it on the bread board.
As you can see, I have used two sets of two parallel led in parallel with 1 w high power led.
The results are amazing and the high power led really has an impact here.
You can also see the difference between the brightness of the led in normal light conditions and in the dark room.
After full guarantee of circuit work, weld the led according to the circuit diagram, and use the cut straw to make the end of the necklace and extension cable, so that you can control the led by hand.
Let your own
Deadly Safety necklace gadget to share your photos and experience. Cheers. . . . . !
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