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mini wine packs - a revolution in wine packaging - food ...

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-14
Wine has long been considered a drink that can only be obtained from expensive bottles.However, this idea has changed due to the revolution in wine packaging.By offering young wines in an easy-to-drink manner, consumer expectations are met.
Young wines selected from the world\'s largest and best vineyards offer fresh round flavors.First test of mini wine packaging in 2005©.In June 2006, this idea and concept was shared at various wine exhibitions in Germany, France and Oslo.
In January 2007, the first mini wine bag, including Merlot and Chardonnay 25cl, was launched in the concert market in Ireland.variants.They were subsequently launched in Japan in 2008.Since then, there have been many Genesis in this idea.
Mini wine bags are a great choice for constantly moving consumers, or when you want to drink some of your favorite wines but can\'t stay at home in a sedate old style.The replacement for traditional packaging is very light, easy to open and unbreakable.The wine in the mini package is also protected by air and light.
Conveniently located, it is a great choice for concerts, camping, picnics, parties and barbecues.It is believed that this is a great revolution because the world is talking about green, and this wine packaging option offers the planet a great choice for traditional packaging options.It ensures a 67% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, a 100% reduction in recyclability, and a 96% reduction in waste production.
Bandit is a way to make a tetra package with renewable resources.There is no glassware and the number of grape varieties is provided.The target Wine Cube is basically the Wine Cube, which is not easy to deteriorate, equivalent to four bottles.
The Volere Wine wallet has the capacity of three standard bottles.Sutter Home Minis is a recyclable and portable plastic bottle.Arcus launched the \"3 Petit\" mini diamonds in 2008©The curve part is 330 ml.
Using Dora©The concept of Elopak.
Here, a cardboard tray is glued to the wine of three small cartons.There is a screw cap in the carton, which is convenient for pouring wine and pouring wine, so it is convenient for outdoor activities.Once the problem of the Tedra package is opened, the life of the spirit is greatly shortened.
However, the new bag in the box mini wine box can be used for up to six weeks after opening and has impressive environmental benefits
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