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meghan markle makes gold sales sparkle

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-16
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
The Megan Markle effect has spread to gold jewelry, helping boost U. S. sales in 2018 and is expected to grow further, the jeweller said.
According to the World Gold Council, the first three months of this year are the strongest first quarter of US gold jewelry demand since 2009.
The seller said it was largely due to the public\'s fascination with American actor Megan Markle, who was engaged to Prince Harry of England in last November and was on a dazzling Saturday
Megan, Duchess of Sussex, likes gold.
\"At that time (
We are starting to see more gold sales, and gold sales have increased in the past few months.
R & R-based jewelers said Thursday.
\"Sales of gold jewelry have increased by about 30% this year.
\"For the past 15 years, platinum, silver and platinum have been the preferred metal for jewelry and wedding couples,\" the jeweler said.
In the past few years, rose gold has become a favorite, and gold is considered outdated.
Borochov said he usually sells about 70 to 80% of white gold and platinum, 20 to 30% of gold and rose gold.
He expected the latter to increase.
\"We saw about 20% growth (
Gold jewelry sales)
Starting early this year, \"said Nerik Shimbun, owner of Crown Jewelers in New York, the company specializes in custom jewelry for celebrities.
Megan and Harry told the BBC in November that her favorite thing was gold.
Her engagement ring was made of that metal.
Gold jewelry sales in Chicago
Daniel Levy said that after the engagement, the jewelry based on Daniel Levy increased by 10%, \"mainly because of the excess of white gold,\" although he noticed a marked shift in gold.
Alistair Hewitt, director of market intelligence at the World Gold Association, said celebrity purchases would affect jewelry sales.
A 2016 Board study found that 22% of the U. S.
Women who buy jewelry or luxury fashion are inspired by magazines and newspapers, and another 11% cite celebrities.
\"It\'s not surprising to see reports of royal weddings-including the choice of engagement rings and wedding rings-affecting the behavior of shoppers,\" he said . \".
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