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Knowing how to match stainless steel jewelry also has to know how to maintain-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-21
If you know how to match stainless steel jewelry, you must also know how to maintain it-KEKE Jewelry Factory
Many people will buy stainless steel jewelry to wear as daily accessories, and they have also learned a lot of matching skills, but this is not enough. You should know how to maintain stainless steel jewelry while knowing how to match it. How should we maintain stainless steel jewelry? The author of the KEKE jewelry factory below will take you to understand.

Regardless of any jewelry, the most common situation is that there are friction scratches on the surface of the jewelry, which undoubtedly destroys the surface structure, accelerates oxidation, and causes the jewelry to be corroded. Stainless steel jewelry itself has the characteristics of sturdy and wear-resistant, although it can resist scratches, but the number of times is too much, the surface will leave scratches, affecting the appearance. Therefore, during the wearing process, if you encounter strenuous exercise or move heavy objects, it is recommended to take off the jewelry.

In the process of stainless steel jewelry processing, electroplating process will be used to coat the surface with a layer of film. This film layer is also a means to prevent the jewelry from oxidizing, so during the maintenance process, try to avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, such as detergents, sweat, seawater and other liquids. Stainless steel jewelry is easy to maintain and does not require cleaning agents. Just use a towel with water and wipe it repeatedly.

If you don't wear jewelry, it should be stored in a dry place, such as in a jewelry box, which can greatly extend the service life of the jewelry. Learn these maintenance tips above to keep your stainless steel jewelry looking new.

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