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KeKe Jewelry rings to match with other styles

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-11-01

Everyone wears it together and distributes it with their favorite jewelry combination. Jewelry combination distribution not only shows the harmony of distribution, but more importantly, it can show the self-cultivation of the wearer. How should accessories such as rings be distributed?

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Here's your take:

firstly, I.


Collars and earrings are the most common pieces of jewelry in the jewelry family. They are interdependent and reflect each other, which is commonly known as a three-piece jewelry set.


The distribution of the three-piece set had to be harmonious in terms of raw materials, planning and style. if the ring is


Gold, then the collar (


) and earrings


gold. If the distribution is disordered, it will cause visual illusions and destroy the harmony and charm of the jewelry.

Second, other, the allocation of rings and watches is also the most important.


The charm of the wrist fit will be multiplied by the sparkle of the wrist. The principle of assignment is that characteristics must be common. Such as warm gold with gold, elegant with elegance, fashion with fashion.

Third, if you wear colored gemstones, pay attention to bracelets, watches, and shirts.


color distribution. Cool color system distribution Cool color system highlights calm and elegant.


The cooperation between warm colors brings out tenderness and affinity.


The wonderful distribution of cool and warm colors makes the features more conspicuous.

Fourth, the choice of texture and style should complement the characteristics of all clothing and hairstyles. Make a small ring your own highlight. For example, a luxurious black evening dress should be paired with sparkling platinum and diamonds, and the style should be elegant and rich, with multiple broken diamonds or a larger center diamond.

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