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KEKE jewelry processing factory work daily jewelry drawing drawing

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-07
Our KEKE jewelry processing factory conducts jewelry processing and production every day, and the first step of processing, of course, is to standardize the production process through the designed jewelry drawings. Therefore, whether the jewelry design draft is well-done depends on the subsequent processing and production. great impact. Today we will talk about how we do jewelry drawing.

Under normal circumstances, we first outline the sketch structure of stainless steel jewelry according to the customer's requirements on the product, and may outline the shape and design concept that the customer wants. In practice, we use pencils to draw the three or two views on the paper at a size ratio of 1:1. If the shape is more complicated, we will also draw a partial sectional drawing, and then modify and improve it.

In order to standardize the processing and production of stainless steel jewelry in the follow-up project, KEKE jewelry processing factory marked the size of each detail as much as possible through different views on the jewelry drawing. If there is a mosaic part, it will try to show a three-dimensional effect. Because jewelry processing can be produced by a variety of methods, the performance effect will be different depending on the process used.

After the KEKE jewelry processing factory has completed the drawing of the jewelry design, it will also be reviewed by the customer and the production project to ensure that the process can be realized, and the specific jewelry details will be communicated to reflect the effect. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the design or samples, our KEKE jewelry processing factory can make free modifications to satisfy customers! Welcome friends who need stainless steel jewelry to contact us!

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