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KEKE jewelry processing factory: what is gold-clad jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-07

What is gold-encrusted jewelry? At present, there are a lot of gold-clad jewelry on the market, and I believe many people have heard of it, but they are not very familiar with it. The author of KEKE jewelry processing factory will let you know about it this time.

The appearance of gold-clad jewelry is no different from that of gold jewelry, but it is not a precious metal inside, but some alloy materials such as aluminum, zinc, and lead. Gold-coated jewelry is to wrap a layer of gold on the surface of these materials, just like candy wrapping paper, wrapping the alloy material to achieve a similar effect to gold jewelry.

The quality of gold-clad jewelry depends on the success or failure of the gold-clad craftsmanship. At present, few people in China do gold-clad craftsmanship, mainly because the cost is too high. The foreign craftsmanship is relatively mature, and the gold-clad jewelry produced in the United States must be marked with the proportion of gold. The use of 14k gold needs to reach one-tenth of the weight of the jewelry. If it is less than 10K, it cannot be described as gold-clad, and this is qualified. Gold-encrusted jewelry.

Nowadays, there are many scammers in the society who use the characteristics of gold and gold to defraud, so everyone needs to be vigilant. KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on stainless steel jewelry processing, customization and OEM, using vacuum real gold electroplating process, can electroplating 18k gold, 14k gold, etc., compared with gold-clad jewelry, more quality, welcome friends in need to negotiate.

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