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KEKE jewelry manufacturers processing customization cooperation methods

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-08
KEKE jewelry manufacturers have been committed to providing titanium steel/stainless steel jewelry processing and customization services and spot jewelry supply for the majority of jewelry merchants for many years. There are three ways of cooperation in our factory customized processing, which are OEM, ODM and customer drawings and samples.

The OEM cooperation method is what we often call OEM. Our factory provides its own styles for customers to choose from. After the customers choose the styles, they integrate the customer's LOGO or brand name with the product, and then process the finished product to the customer.

The ODM cooperation method is that the customer puts forward requirements and changes on the original design of the KEKE jewelry manufacturer. We change the OEM according to the needs of the customer, and produce the finished product to the customer.

There is also a way of cooperation between customers and samples. KEKE jewelry manufacturers can produce and process finished products according to the jewelry samples or pictures provided by customers.

Customers are free to choose to cooperate with us according to their needs. All cooperation is to pay 30% deposit first, and then we carry out production. After the production is completed, there is no problem, and then pay the balance.

Nowadays, the adoption of jewelry companies in custom jewelry manufacturers industry is quite common.
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