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KEKE jewelry factory takes you to understand the varieties of jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-07
Jewelry refers to the jewelry we wear on the neck. Common ones include collars, necklaces and pendants. Many materials can be made, such as metal, artificial gemstones, leather, plastic and so on. KEKE jewelry processing factory mainly produces jewelry made of stainless steel, that is, titanium steel jewelry.

The necklace and the necklace pendant are interconnected, and the pendant can be matched with the collar or necklace to form a new jewelry product through combination. These items also have their own characteristics. Collars are generally composed of metal sheets and metal tubes, on which the desired patterns can be engraved.

The necklaces that everyone is more familiar with are basically chain styles composed of one ring and one ring, and the expressions are more abundant. The common necklaces processed by jewelry are rope chains, car flower chains, bamboo chains, and pearl chains. , square silk chain, water wave chain, etc.

Pendants can be said to be accessories to necklaces, and they are basically matched with necklaces to make the decoration effect better. Its characteristic is that it will have a hollow itself, which is provided for necklaces to wear. Because this kind of necklace is worn on the chest of a person, it is more eye-catching. Choosing a good-looking pendant can make people leave a deep impression on you.

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