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Keje jewelry maker teaches you how to identify titanium steel jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-24
There are countless jewelry of various materials on the market today. Such as pure gold, sterling silver, karat gold, white gold, platinum, really? ? ? Titanium steel, stainless steel, etc. are common. In addition, in the past two years, new materials such as resin, acrylic, cotton and linen, bamboo, wood, acetate fiber and cement have appeared in Europe and the United States. kiss Me! kiss Me! you are right. is cement. So, how to tell titanium steel jewelry among thousands of jewelry? Five tricks to teach you to find it.

1. In terms of weight:

Titanium steel metal is actually not an uncommon substance, it has a large storage capacity and is relatively light in texture, only half the specific gravity of iron, but it is tough and can withstand stretching and knocking like copper. Based on this knowledge, when choosing titanium steel jewelry, you should know that jewelry with the same volume, titanium steel has light weight and good toughness in our hands.

Second, in terms of color:

Titanium steel has a silvery-grey luster that doesn't give off too bright a color no matter what grinding method is used. In addition, if the corners of titanium steel accessories are scratched on white ceramic utensils and ceramic products, black traces will be left. The deeper the titanium, the more titanium it contains, and the traces cannot be wiped off by hand.

3. From the perspective of corrosion resistance:

Titanium steel has good corrosion resistance, there is an oxide protective film on the surface, and the acid solution does not dissolve. Mixing with other substances will corrode. Of course, it doesn't black out like silver and keeps its own shine.

Fourth, from the process point of view:

When choosing jewelry, the craftsmanship should be refined and the grinding surface should be fine and smooth. This way, our skin is comfortable no matter what titanium steel jewelry we wear.

5. Fire test method (careful):

You can also use fire to check whether the titanium steel is fired in the fire, and the titanium steel jewelry emits a gray luster. Other metals do not have this color and produce white or black light.

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