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Is there still a market for titanium steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-02
Is there still a market for titanium steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
Between 2000 and 2013, it was a period of rapid development of my country's jewelry industry. At that time, due to the rapid development of the domestic economy, the industry demand exploded. However, after 2014, with the decline of macroeconomic growth, the overall growth rate of the industry has declined. Will there still be a market for titanium steel jewelry?

Although the overall industry growth rate has declined, the industry scale is still expanding. Therefore, the market for titanium steel jewelry still has a lot of room for development. The increase in per capita disposable income and the improvement in consumption structure are the long-term driving forces supporting the growth of the industry. In order to seize market share, many jewelry brands have accelerated the opening of stores in various places.

On the other hand, some small and sophisticated jewelry brands also cooperate with source jewelry processing factories to customize jewelry and create their own brand style, thereby increasing consumers' stickiness to the brand, which is more conducive to the next conversion. It can be said that each different jewelry business has its own development strategy, thus occupying a favorable position in the jewelry market. It can be seen that the jewelry market still has huge potential.

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