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Is the price of stainless steel jewelry favorable?

                                                                                   What we can guarantee is that our stainless steel jewelry has a good cost-performance ratio although it is the cheapest in the market. The final price is mainly decided by the order volume and some special circumstances. In general, once customers choose the bulk purchase, you will get a relatively favorable price. The larger the order quantity is, the lower the price per unit is. In addition, under some circumstances such as holidays, we adopt some marketing strategies to attract customers. For example, we will offer seasonal discounts on some known holidays.

Foshan KeKe Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a survivor in the tough market competition, thanks to the well-crafted custom bracelets and excellent service. As one of KeKe Jewelry's multiple product series, custom rings series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The product features a long service life. The light-emitting element adopts a high-composite material to minimize the aging effect that caused by long-time high-temperature working. The custom brand logo can be added to this product to enhance business.  The product has a proper width as well as length. I feel not squeezing when wearing it. - Said one of 0our customers. The color of this product is not easy to fade.

We constantly collaborate with our clients to ensure that our endeavors are strategically implemented to achieve economically sustainable development.


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