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Is the k gold in titanium steel jewelry real gold?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-15
Is the k gold in titanium steel jewelry real gold?
Everyone is curious about k gold titanium steel jewelry. Is the k gold in it real gold? KEKE jewelry processing factory can only give an overview of the most basic and simple content here. After listening to it, I believe you will know what the result is.

To know whether the k gold in titanium steel jewelry is real gold, let's first look at how k gold is formed. A long time ago, due to the softness of jewelry made of pure gold, it was difficult to set various exquisite styles, especially when pearls, gems and emeralds were inlaid with treasures, which were easy to be lost. Therefore, since ancient times, people have known that in pure gold. A small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals are added to increase the strength and toughness of gold. The gold jewelry made in this way is called gold jewelry.

Among them, the production of determining the pure gold content in gold ornaments is called 'gold position', which is karat in English, generally translated as 'open', and can also be referred to as 'K' according to the English prefix. Therefore, ornaments are also called 'K' gold. Generally speaking, pure gold is 24K, that is, the theoretical gold content is 100%.

Therefore, 1K means that the gold jewelry contains 1/24 of pure gold, about 4.16%. 14k gold and 18k gold are commonly used in titanium steel jewelry, while 14K or 12K gold is commonly used in some European and American countries. Therefore, the so-called k gold in titanium steel jewelry is also real gold, but the gold content is relatively small.

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