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Is the cost of titanium steel necklace OEM high?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-17
Is the cost of titanium steel necklace OEM high? KEKE jewelry factory
Many titanium steel jewelry brands do not have their own factories. They basically find jewelry factories to OEM for OEM. For example, if you want to produce titanium steel necklaces, you can directly send them to the design drawing factory, and the factory will carry out OEM production. The factory only needs to ensure the quality. . So is the cost of titanium steel necklace OEM high? How are the fees charged?

The author of KEKE Foshan Jewelry Factory tells you directly that the cost of OEM titanium steel necklace is not high at all, but it has more advantages compared to other jewelry. It is precisely because the cost is not high that many individuals who want to be a jewelry brand can afford the cost of OEM, which has resulted in many titanium steel jewelry brands. This also further promotes the development of titanium steel jewelry. Of course, it is also a good thing for consumers, so that there are more style choices.

Back to the titanium steel necklace OEM fee, how is this charged? The author of KEKE Foshan Jewelry Factory tells you that the cost of OEM is the same as the cost of normal processing, and it is calculated according to the requirements of customers. For example, if a customer wants to print a logo, the cost of multiple engravings, the need for special packaging, and the cost of multiple packaging are no different from others. Some titanium steel jewelry brands want to make their own titanium steel necklace OEM. They only need to provide us with design drawings, and then we will review them. If the process can be realized, we will carry out proofing production. If there are any problems in the process and it cannot be realized, we will We will also communicate in real time, put forward our modification suggestions or other process plans, and strive to restore the design drawings.

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