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Is stainless steel jewelry OEM expensive?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-31
Is stainless steel jewelry OEM expensive? KEKE jewelry factory
Is stainless steel jewelry OEM expensive? KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on the customization and OEM of stainless steel jewelry. The price of OEM is different, mainly depends on the complexity of the OEM's style, the quantity and the requirements of the customer. Under normal circumstances, the price of jewelry made in batches will not be very high. expensive.

The price of stainless steel jewelry OEM is also related to the cooperation mode. For example, it is custom-made with drawings, custom-made with samples, or OEM directly from our styles. There is a proofing fee involved, and the proofing fee for directly using our style can be ignored. For drawings and samples, it is basically necessary to make proofing before jewelry processing, and confirm that there is no problem before proceeding to the next step of mass production. If you need to change it, it is also To change this link, the proofing fee ranges from hundreds to thousands.

The price of stainless steel jewelry OEM also has a lot to do with the process, because the cost of some processes is relatively high, such as vacuum electroplating 18k gold, which uses real gold targets; for example, inlaid accessories also have real diamonds and rhinestones. The price is of course also different. Therefore, after we understand the customer's needs and the corresponding sales group, we will give the customer a detailed quotation, so that the quoted OEM price is accurate.

If you also want to find stainless steel jewelry factory for OEM production, you can contact our KEKE jewelry factory, one-stop OEM from design to finished product, provide reference for 100,000 styles, support small batch customized OEM, high processing efficiency, on-time delivery, to You are a satisfied jewelry OEM finished product~

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