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Inventory Various Titanium Steel Necklace Styles-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-16
Inventory of various titanium steel necklace styles-KEKE jewelry processing factory
KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on the customized OEM of titanium steel jewelry and the processing of drawings and samples. Through innovation and development, titanium steel jewelry already has a variety of jewelry styles. Among them, titanium steel necklaces are more obvious. Titanium necklace styles.

Titanium steel collar: The length is 12~13 inches, and the length of 30~33cm is called 'collar'. Collars, small partners with slightly thick necks are not suitable for wearing. Girls who like Japanese Harajuku, retro style can try it!

Titanium steel clavicle chain: The length is 14-16 inches, which is 35~40cm, which is called 'clavicular chain'. The collarbone chain is slightly longer than the collar and drags to the collarbone. The clavicle chain is made of various materials and rich styles, which has a good effect on modifying the face shape. It will appear more delicate and feminine. Can be worn for everyday life and dinner parties!

Titanium steel princess necklace: The length is 17-19 inches, that is, 43~48cm, which is called 'princess necklace'. The princess chain is slightly longer than the clavicle chain. Located below the collarbone and above the chest. The princess chain is more versatile, and it can be matched with different clothes to obtain different effects. The princess chain has a very obvious effect on lengthening the neck line, and it can also immediately modify the small V face.

Titanium steel martini necklace: the length is 20-24 inches, which is 50~60cm, called 'Martini necklace'. The martini necklace is an artifact to lengthen the figure and enhance the aura! The length is about the position of the chest, and there are many styles. It can be said to be the icing on the cake with suitable clothing.

Titanium steel opera necklace: The length is 28-34 inches, that is, 71~86cm, which is called 'opera necklace'. Opera necklaces are generally more suitable for relatively formal occasions. The length of the necklace can reach below the chest. It can be worn alone or with necklaces of different lengths. Necklaces can also be layered!

Titanium Knot Necklace: The length is more than 45 inches, which is 114cm, which is called 'knot necklace'. The knotted rope necklace is the longest among the titanium steel necklaces, and it can reach the position of the navel. It is the best choice for a dinner party and other occasions with a dress. Today's fashionistas will also choose their exaggerated lengths for personal matching.

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