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In titanium steel jewelry processing, is gold-plated or gold-plated better?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-14
In titanium steel jewelry processing, is gold-plated or gold-plated better? KEKE has something to say
Is it better for jewelry to be gold-plated or gold-plated? I believe that many people have this doubt in their hearts. For KEKE, who has been engaged in titanium steel jewelry processing for many years, everything has two sides. Listen to the author's analysis below.

As for whether the jewelry is gold-plated or gold-plated, first figure out what is the difference between gold-plated and gold-plated. Gold wrapping is a method of wrapping thin gold or K gold foil on the surface of silver or other types of metal carcass by mechanical rolling or high temperature welding, just like wrapping paper, wrapping raw materials (aluminum, aluminum, copper, zinc and other alloy materials, etc.). There are two types of gold plating, homogeneous material gold plating and heterogeneous material gold plating, mainly plating k gold layer on the outer layer of jewelry to improve the overall ornamental effect of jewelry.

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. The gold layer of gold-coated jewelry is thicker, so the durability is stronger, but the price is expensive, and the number of jewelry processing plants is very large. But the price is moderate and the quantity requirement is not so big.

The question of whether gold-plated jewelry is better than gold-plated is better. The author believes that from the perspective of titanium steel jewelry itself, there is no need to make gold-coated jewelry. The price is more acceptable to others, and it is different from gold and silver. important. You may have different opinions, so you are welcome to communicate with the author.

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