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In the future, will the value of gold jewelry go to craftsmanship or gold content?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-17
In the future, will the value of gold jewelry go to craftsmanship or gold content?
In Chinese traditional concepts and culture, golden gold represents supreme power, and wearing gold and wearing gold is a symbol of noble status! However, it is now common, and three golds are necessary for the dowry in marriage customs.

The Chinese people's love for gold is not only explained by the word 'li'. In the hands of skilled craftsmen, they are transformed into exquisite works of art. The traditional gold jewelry focuses on the purity of gold. Good meaning, and now gold jewelry pays more attention to brand craftsmanship and new styles.

, so the texture is harder than pure gold, and the color shows different colors according to the different proportions of different types of metals, resulting in high hardness and good toughness, so it is one of the best metal materials for inlaid various gems.

Gold-plated jewelry: copper is used as the blank body, and a layer of 24K gold is plated on its surface by electroplating. Its appearance is the same as that of pure gold jewelry, but the plating layer of gold-plated jewelry is generally very thin, so gold-plated jewelry is not durable and wears for a long time. will be worn out.

For example, 3D hard gold pendants, velvet sand gold handicrafts, Vietnamese sand gold jewelry and other modern craft alloys are no longer measured by gold content.

It's all about craftsmanship and style. A 100-gram Vietnamese sand gold necklace only costs about 300 yuan, which is equivalent to the value of one gram of international gold, but it is worth tens of thousands of yuan. Many young people no longer care about the gold content, as long as they can earn face. And the future gold market will also become the home ground for young people.

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