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Eleven titanium steel jewelry maintenance precautions you have to know

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-04
Eleven titanium steel jewelry maintenance precautions you have to know
Titanium steel jewelry has become a sought after jewelry for young people because of its fashionable beauty and high cost performance. We all know that it has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but since it is jewelry, it should know how to maintain it. KEKE jewelry processing factory has summarized eleven precautions for maintaining titanium steel jewelry for everyone.

We should pay attention to the following eleven points when wearing and maintaining titanium steel jewelry every day:

1. If the ear is just pierced, do not wear titanium steel earrings and earrings during the healing process.

2. When it is not worn and placed at home, occasionally need to wipe with a fine flannel to keep the jewelry bright.

3. When taking a bath or swimming, you need to remove the jewelry to avoid chemical changes on the surface of the jewelry after touching the sea or pool water.

4. If there are friction scratches on the surface, it is easy to accelerate the metal oxidation. Therefore, when the surface of the jewelry is oxidized to light brown, or corroded by chlorides (such as swimming pool water), please deal with it in time.

5. You can choose to seal it when not wearing it to avoid the weakening of the surface brightness of the jewelry.

6. Frequent wiping can also easily reduce the luminosity of this product.

7. When doing laundry, washing dishes and cooking, please remove the ring to avoid chemicals or oil stains affecting its brightness.

8. When engaging in strenuous exercise or moving heavy objects, please try to avoid wearing titanium steel jewelry to avoid damage to the surface of the jewelry due to friction and collision, and gems falling off. Wear titanium jewelry after dressing up

9. Avoid wearing in hot spring areas and seawater areas to prevent changes caused by exposure to sulfides. If accidentally touched, wash with plenty of water.

10. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances and high temperature, otherwise it will easily destroy the active ingredients of titanium steel jewelry processing.

11. People with allergic skin should wear jewelry carefully. If skin allergy occurs during wearing, please stop wearing stainless steel jewelry immediately.

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