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costume jewelry general history

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-27
Costume jewelry has been a part of culture since 300.
In the 1700 s, cheap jewelry made of glass began to be produced.
After nearly a century of development, in the 1800 s, clothing jewelry made of semi-precious stones entered the market.
The use of semi-precious materials makes jewelry available in the hands of ordinary people.
But the real golden age of clothing jewelry began in the 20 th century.
The new middle class is eager to have beautiful but affordable jewelry, which is achieved through its perfect timing: it appears during the machine --
The Times and the Industrial Revolution.
All of this makes it possible when the class structure of the United States changes, the beautifully crafted and admirable transmission of heir replicas, as well as the measure of true wealth.
Women in all social positions, even women in jobs
You can have a small piece of clothing jewelry.
Ordinary urban and rural women can get and put on a considerable number of these clothes.
Produce jewelry that is both affordable and stylish.
Many people feel that the beauty of the machine handle has been destroyed.
Making clothing and jewelry;
The fact is that this machine makes fashion jewelry more affordable and enables people to produce enough of this jewelry, to stimulate the interest of millions of ladies from all over the world in the mid-20th century by a variety of designers
Some of the best known names in costume jewelry include high and low-priced brands: Crown Trifa, Dior, Chanel, Monet, Napier, korocat and Coventry.
An important factor in the popularity of clothing and jewelry is Hollywood movies.
Leading female stars in their 40 s and 50 s often wear and recognize a range of designer Productions.
If you appreciate the necklace that Bette Davis wears in the private lives of Elizabeth and Essex, you can buy one from Joseph in Hollywood, who made the original.
Stars such as feenli, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Russell appear in advertisements for these works, and collections in stores such as Woolworth make it possible for ordinary women to own and wear the jewelry.
In her years as a fashion designer, Coco Chanel has greatly promoted the use of artificial jewelry, making clothing jewelry lifelike with gold and artificial pearls.
Kenneth Jay Lane has known Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Freeland and Audrey Hepburn for their unique creations since 1960.
He\'s probably the best.
Known for his three.
Barbara Bush wore a faux pearl necklace at her husband\'s inaugural ball.
In many cases, high
End fashion jewelry gained the status of \"collectible\" and added value over time.
Nowadays, there is a large secondary market for retro fashion jewelry.
The main collection market is \"signature pieces\", that is, pieces that are usually stamped with the manufacturer\'s mark on the back.
One of the most sought after Yang Qianjun Haskell, Koro, Crown Trifari and the Lion figure.
However, there is also a demand for high-quality \"unsigned\" pieces, especially if their design is unusual, you can also browse the wholesale jewelry online, online jewelry is cheap, online Mall wholesale, silver online see pruduct.
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