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copper top of the pots for beating kitchen bugs ...

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-06-19
Scientists said yesterday that cooking utensils and kitchen working surfaces made of copper instead of stainless steel or plastic can reduce the risk of food poisoning.
The researchers found that copper can actively kill potentially harmful bacteria such as E. Coli 0157, so it is safer than other materials.
The ancient Egyptians thought copper was a good metal to keep drinking water pure, and it seemed to produce chemical charged particles or \"free radicals\" that attack bacterial cells \".
Professor Bill Keevil of the University of Southampton said that the test showed that copper could kill the colony of E. Coli in a few hours, while the same bacteria could survive on stainless steel for several months, the most common working face in a commercial kitchen.
\"Stainless steel is used around the world for its obvious hygienic properties.
\"It always looks like a beautiful, clean and bright surface,\" says Professor Keevil . \".
\"But looking closely, scratches and marks will be found, and from the microscopic point of view, they are more like valleys.
Harmful bacteria can easily enter these cracks, and rubbing cloth or brushes on the surface may not be enough to drain them out.
Professor Keevil\'s research shows that at a freezing temperature commonly used to store food, bacteria survive 35 days on stainless steel surfaces and sometimes for three months.
However, if the cooling surface is made of copper, or in the case of brass, it is an alloy of copper and zinc, after 12 days, no microorganisms remain alive after 14 hours.
At room temperature, the time of bacterial death was shortened to 34 days for stainless steel, 4 days for brass and 4 hours for copper.
One problem with the use of copper in the kitchen, Professor Keevil said, is that copper can be attacked by acidic foods such as lemon juice.
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