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complaint box | packaging

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-27
Still not successful in opening those blisters-
Headphones for Christmas?
Maybe you\'re waiting for the wound to heal on your finger and try again.
You are not alone. Get a grip.
Get your Roar
Please do not exceed 500 words
New York Times Metropolitan. com.
The packaging of electronics and other small items has reached the point of anger.
To open anything, a person actually needs the mouth of life.
Ordinary scissors are not sharp enough to pass through the package, and attacking the plastic with a knife can have catastrophic consequences.
Just recently, my brother has mastered the hat-trick in the football video game, which is my 20-
A tiny struggle with the plastic case that protects my game\'s independent controller.
If my father were there, I might have torn it apart by his brute force, as before.
From action characters to zip drives, almost everything is affected by overpackaging.
Usually, a manual or warranty is placed so that the package cannot be opened without damaging the package.
If this project is not what you expect, you will be unlucky.
In which way did you cut the package, it is likely that the possibility of trouble has been destroyed
Free return in store.
The horror of sharp plastic edges is a problem in itself.
I doubt if there was one person who cut himself while trying to pry the blisterspacked gift.
If there is any meat that can be seen from the edge just cut, it will immediately become bloody.
This is especially bad for children at Christmas, and their combination of excitement and lack of experience can seriously ruin their day.
I still remember a Christmas about seven years ago: I\'m not sure what I opened, but I do remember the nasty wounds left on my left index finger.
I still have that little scar.
Since when has it become so taboo to put items in the box?
The box is easy to open, just cut the tape, bam, you can finish it.
It is also easier for the company;
Cardboard must be cheaper than the army-
They are using high grade plastic now.
In terms of environmental protection, the box has an advantage.
Plastic takes a long time in a landfill, and the cardboard breaks apart when it comes to water.
So who\'s the good idea to switch?
The only advantage of plastic containers is that they bring difficulties to store operators.
The awkward packaging makes it impossible for people to hide them in their clothes, and the difficulty of opening one to steal can cause quite a scene.
But why should consumers who buy products be punished?
Companies should develop a consumer-friendly approach to preventing shop theft.
No need to introduce new packaging technology. Simple is best.
All I need is to change my mind-
Think in the box.
Dylan Quinn is a junior high school student living in Johnston, New Jersey. Y.
His favorite Christmas gift this year is a netbook, which opens in about a minute.
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I think I would prefer to deal with the ultra-thin plastic packaging in the box filled with foam plastic peanuts.
Why are people still using foam plastic peanuts in this era where various recyclable alternatives exist?
Not only did they make me feel guilty about disposing of them, they would break up and the remnants would hold on to anything in a static way. Ugh!
I cramp a few times, and in the memory of opening such a container, I feel ghostly pain again.
Maybe a class action lawsuit could change the way some people think about these packages . . . . . . Huh?
Most of the packaging is intended to prevent theft of shop pickpockets and in-house production workers.
My annoyance is that the twist ties that stick everything on the back cardboard are severely over-used.
Turn on the toy and release all the damn parts for longer than the kids play.
Then I imagine some poor soul who is feeding his family with the work of connecting all the twisted relationships, which makes me sad.
There must be simpler and better ways.
They do have recyclable, biodegradable, \"foam plastic\" made of Hull and mushrooms, so hopefully.
Foam plastic is evil.
Great, Dylan!
Not only did you identify your theme, but you did it in style. Love this photo!
The possible answer is that if the widgets in the transport/truck transport container are ultra-thin plastic packages, you can install them in more widgets than waste cardboard space.
Also, I am sure that if you are a shop pickpocket it is difficult to remove the item from the package.
They make the packaging difficult because some people open the box in the store, put the contents in a cheaper box, and then pay for the cheaper product.
This is a different strategy of \"shoplifting \".
If they were caught somewhere, they shrugged and opened their eyes and said, \"Well, I don\'t know!
\"It is regrettable that we are all punished for the crimes of some villains, but because of them, we all pay a higher price, so what is the difference?
That\'s punishment, right?
Ed, now a lot of the materials that pack peanuts are not foam plastics-they are made of a material that breaks down once wet.
Why do you need to pack peanuts in the first place? !
It does not need to be highly protected if the gift/toy is in the store.
There are very few crystal champagne cups packaged in blister packaging.
AmenI used to buy a printer cartridge sealed in the package, which would confuse Danny Marine, no matter how many associates he had in his next movie.
It was empty-someone used something that had to be a scalpel, neatly trimmed around the carton inside, took out the cartridge, pressed it together so it looked sealed.
On this topic, my other idea is that I would like to remember one day that the label on the DVD package is actually under the shrink package with the movie name on it, no matter how prominent and inviting the small label is to remove it.
Class action?
No, just don\'t buy something radical packed . . . . . . Tell the store manager that you will buy it if it is not a packaging issue.
Goods are not sold, shops * and manufacturers (
Or importers or the like)
Will be stuck with 100 of the 1000 unsold items, a real wake up call.
I\'m just giving my kids cold plates and dead batteries for Christmas.
The only thing I need to clean up is all the paper towels they use when they cry and fall asleep.
The safest way to open the package is to cut with a pair of tin.
Even a small pair can easily pass through that bulletproof plastic.
-BillI never cut himself on blister packs.
Think of me as a superior way of life.
I fully agree with all of the above.
However, in the process of trying to extract these items, the author ignores the bull\'s terrible blind, powerful and determined anger, which will only cause further self-harm to my body and body parts.
As part of the Irish, I think it\'s a good sign because I know I \'ve now printed the latest movie script of 62,341 words, 246 pages \"Lulu is back,\" a murder mystery in Bangor, Maine, it will be handed over to the printer for copy and binding.
I will then pack the copy into a foam lined manilla envelope and send it to us.
Copyright, then ship to the Post Office.
All the work I have done on this latest script will arrive as safely as the previous one, hoping to have copyright in Washington DCC.
Also, do not have to take the jack hammer to open the package.
Even heavy-duty scissors often do not have the ability to open these packages, but I find that tin scissors work very well.
I agree with this column and will add another redundant package to the list, E. G. g.
When the product enters the plastic packaging, it is inside the box, and the box is inside the other plastic container.
Do we Americans need to have a peace of mind that everything we spend money on must be in a sterile vault?
Very wasteful and annoying.
@ Ed a lot of packaged peanuts are no longer real foam-
Recyclable, biodegradable alternatives are now as cheap as Dow\'s original oilbased product. zip drives?
Is this reprinted on 2000? zip drives?
If you find a zip drive in its original packaging, then don\'t open it.
Only collections are valuable.
Can I make a complaint box post about the subject of the inane complaint box?
The hand-held can opener can quickly work around these plastic edges.
I think there are tools that people sell.
I agree with the poster about the twist tie.
This year, my daughter received not only six or so kinks from mositi and Barbie, but also fixed them like Gulliver of Lipu people, but the doll\'s scalp is also embedded with a pair of plastic ties to attach her head to the back of the box!
Luckily, I was not cut off when the doll was beheaded, otherwise it would be terrible.
Well done, Dylan!
If you were a child, you were lucky enough to be a junior HS student. Your parents will swear like the father in Christmas story, because today\'s children\'s toys are sealed on cardboard with molded clear plastic, then fix it in cardboard with coarse twist/stick it together with packing tape. Here is a (*&%!
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