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Common steel jewelry craft types

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-05

A set of stainless steel jewelry craftsmanship is enough to let you know more about jewelry craftsmanship.

First, insert the carbon fiber

When carbon fiber is used for jewelry, its surface has a three-dimensional fiber shape, and the light reflection will move up and down with your eyes, making the effect three-dimensional and beautiful, making the style more distinctive and fully showing the trend. But the carbon fiber embedded in titanium steel jewelry is more expensive.

Second, inlay resin

When titanium steel jewelry is inlaid with resin, first heat the jewelry at high temperature, and then apply the resin on the jewelry. Because it is heated, it is not easy to fall off during wearing.

Third, wire cutting

Titanium steel jewelry adopts wire cutting process, that is, using molybdenum wire of different sizes. Use a wire cutter to cut out the shape of the jewelry at a very slow speed, and then let everyone polish it together. The more complex the style, the greater the difficulty, and the slower the shipment.

Fourth, inlaid zircon

There are two main types of zircon inlaid in titanium steel jewelry. One is to use AB glue, which is very firm because it is a special glue. The other is that the machine-pressed inlay is complex, very firm, and has fine workmanship, but the price is more expensive than AB glue.

verb (abbreviation of verb) to polish the surface

Titanium steel jewelry uses polishing surface technology, that is, polishing wax is applied to a high-speed rotating cotton polishing wheel, and then the jewelry touches the cloth wheel to make the surface bright and reflective.

Sixth, sandblasting

The main working principle of the sandblasting technology for titanium steel jewelry is: put the sand into the water, use the abrasive liquid pump and compressed air, and spray the abrasive liquid onto the surface of the steel jewelry at high speed through the spray gun to form a silver-gray coating, making the jewelry more high-grade, Less discoloration, more popular with people of all grades.

Seven, precision die casting

The precision die-casting process of titanium steel jewelry includes: first engrave the sample with wax, then put it into a special plaster, dewax, dissolve the raw material at a high temperature of 1500~2000 degrees, and then pour it into a plaster mold, then pressurize, remove mold, and then polished by hand. Because die casting requires a special plaster mold, the price is different.

Eight, sand noodles

The sanding process of titanium steel jewelry is to use a sandpaper belt to make the surface of the jewelry matte, so that the surface has a matte effect.

9.True Empty Plating

The vacuum plating process of titanium steel jewelry mainly includes ion plating, vacuum evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, (also called nano-electroplating electrodeposition). All kinds of metal and non-metal films are deposited on the surface of objects by distillation or sputtering under vacuum conditions. In this way, very thin surface coatings can be obtained.

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