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Common 9 kinds of stainless steel jewelry processing technology

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-05

Understanding some common processes of stainless steel jewelry processing can help you further understand titanium steel jewelry. Bian Xiao summarizes the following nine common processes.

First, insert the carbon fiber

Using carbon fiber on stainless steel jewelry can make the jewelry surface have a three-dimensional fiber shape. If it is reflected by light, it will move up and down with your eyes, showing a three-dimensional effect, which is very beautiful and can fully show the trend of stainless steel jewelry. Relatively speaking, the price of carbon fiber embedded in titanium steel jewelry is also relatively expensive.

Second, inlay resin

When stainless steel jewelry workers inlay resin, they first heat the jewelry with high temperature, and then apply the resin on the surface of the jewelry. Because of the heat treatment, it will not fall off easily during wearing.

Third, wire cutting

Wire cutting is one of the processes of stainless steel jewelry processing. The wire cutting process uses molybdenum wires of different sizes and a wire cutter to cut the look of the jewelry at extremely slow speeds, which are then polished by hand. The more complex and difficult the style, the longer the delivery time.

Fourth, inlaid zircon

There are two methods of setting zircon in stainless steel jewelry processing. One is to stick it directly with AB glue. This is a special glue for sticking jewelry, which is very firm and easy to fall off. There is also a kind of machine pressing, which is complicated and delicate in workmanship, but the price will be much more expensive than AB glue.

verb (abbreviation of verb) to polish the surface

The polishing process used by the jewelry factory is simply to apply polishing wax on a high-speed rotating cotton polishing wheel. Touch the cloth wheel with jewelry, the surface of jewelry becomes brighter and can reflect light.

Sixth, sandblasting

Working principle: Put the sand into the water, use the grinding fluid pump and compressed air, and spray the grinding fluid onto the surface of the stainless steel jewelry at high speed through the spray gun to form a silver-gray coating, which makes the jewelry more beautiful and has the effect of not easy to fade.

Seven, precision die casting

Precision die casting is a common process in jewelry factories. Generally, jewelry samples to be made are carved with wax, and then the samples are put into gypsum, dewaxed, the raw materials are dissolved at a high temperature of 1500~2000 degrees, and then poured into a gypsum mold, and then subjected to pressure, demoulding, Manual grinding is also a more complicated process. Die-casting requires different plaster molds and prices vary.

Eight, sand noodles

The sanding process uses a sandpaper belt to make the surface of stainless steel jewelry matte, so that the jewelry surface has a matte effect.

Nine. True Empty Plating

There are several types of genuine empty plating in jewelry factories. The authentic air plating process used in the processing of stainless steel jewelry is mainly furnace authentic air plating. Electroplating such a film can form a protective film on the surface of jewelry, and plating 18k gold film can prolong the color retention time.

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