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collecting vintage mexican silver jewelry for fun and profit

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-26
I have been a silversmith since the beginning of 1980 and I am very grateful for the work of those who do not have all the wonderful tools we have today.
I am particularly interested in vintage sterling silver jewelry from Mexico, especially some modernist works from the 1950 to 1970 s.
These skilled artisans have created incredible works of art that are still being imitated today.
These original designs are highly sought after by collectors.
Despite the sharp rise in silver prices in recent years, you can still find good buyers of antique Mexican jewelry on eBay.
Unlike most Sterling Silver found today, vintage sterling silver jewelry is usually made on it.
The standard purity of 925 makes it a better value.
Watch out for the llama, German and nickel-silver-marked llama silver, German silver, new silver, nickel silver or paktong, which is actually free of silver at all, but an alloy made of copper and nickel.
These so-called silver may also contain other metals such as cadmium, tin or zinc.
Nickel is usually the cause of rash or irritation caused by nickel allergy.
Anyone wearing nickel silver and producing any irritation or rash should stop wearing jewelry immediately.
Allergies to nickel used in post style earrings can lead to severe infection.
The most retro silver jewelry and modern silver jewelry are marked with numbers such as the number \"925 \".
This figure represents the purity of silver used in this work.
The standard of sterling silver is.
925% sterling silver, the most common mark is \"925\" or sterling silver.
To mark a piece of jewelry as \"sterling silver\" it must contain at least 92 pieces. 5% silver. The other 7.
5% can be any other metal, but it is usually copper, to help it hardness.
Coin silver is only 90% sterling silver, and jewelry made of coin silver is usually marked with \"\".
A ring made of coin silver usually leaves a black mark on the wearer\'s finger.
Sometimes, silver jewelry has more silver than the standard.
925% purity, these fragments may be marked as \"70\" or \"80 \".
Sterling silver jewelry is usually marked with the words \"99\" representing.
Silver purity 999%.
99 silver.
9% pure is also called fine silver.
Unfortunately, jewelry is rarely made of sterling silver, because it is too soft to support during frequent use.
It is important to note that these purity stamps represent the lowest purity, and old fashioned Mexican silver jewelry usually exceeds the lowest purity.
The unique and inspiring Mexican vintage silver ornaments have a unique look that you can easily learn to recognize over time.
Knowing the logo on the back of the jewelry will help you identify Mexican antique jewelry of great collection value and allow you to discover great value.
I found some great deals on vintage Mexican silver and I missed some too!
Mexican silver ornaments use different signs and silver ornaments at different time periods, giving you a rough estimate of the creation time of the jewelry works.
These useful marks are not always absolute, as many changes and exceptions have been found in old fashioned Mexican silver ornaments.
1900 s-1920 s is usually marked as 1940 s-1940 s, usually marker for \"Mexico silver\" or \"Mexico manufacturing of silver\" 19 s-s often marker for \"Today marked â x80 x9c Sterling â x80 waste or â x80 x9c 925 â x80 waste â x80 x9c Taxco â x80 x9c 960 â x80 waste and â x80 x9c 980 â x80 waste 1950s âx80x93 Mexico â x80 waste or â x80 x9c Taxco â x80 waste often is sign of jewelry create on 1933, 1940, tacco, Mexico.
Eagle or \"clock\" HallmarkIn 1948 the government of Mexico has established the eagle logo.
These marks are used for items made for export and are the way the Mexican government guarantees the quality of sterling silver.
The signs of these eagles usually look like a bell, sometimes also known as the \"Bell mark \".
The eagle logo places a number inside the eagle.
These numbers represent specific designers or silversmiths, or generic numbers that represent the community in which it was created. .
For example, Taxco, a very popular Silver community was assigned a number and Mexico City was assigned a number.
This identification method was used from 1949 to the end of 1970.
There are two versions of the eagle logo.
The delineated version of the Eagle mark is used all the way to ca. 1955.
The outline version of the Eagle mark was used until the end of 1970.
Later, the eagle logo retired and a new logo system was implemented.
This system uses a combination of letters and numbers to help point out where it was made and who made it.
The first letter indicates its location, and the second letter is the first initials of the silversmith\'s surname, and the number shows the location of the registered silversmith in the city\'s laboratory office.
For example, if it is marked
12, this will indicate that the jewelry was created in Taxco and that the first letter of the silversmith of his last name was \"silversmith \".
\"12\" will indicate that he is 12 persons on the register of the city.
Unfortunately, there is no known list that matches all letters and numbers with a particular silversmith, and only a few have been identified.
Famous Mexican silversmith if you are looking for a truly collectible Mexican antique silver ornament, you may want to look for a specific manufacturer logo from the famous Mexican silversmith.
Many of these silversmiths have changed their marks over the years, well demonstrating the time of creation of the work.
Here is a list of some of the more famous Mexican silversmiths: in July 19, 1919, Mexican modernist Antonio Pinedo lived to be 90 years old in Tasco.
Antonio Pineda\'s apprentice in the United StatesS.
Designer William Spratlin, who worked in Mexico in the 1920 s.
Later, he became an apprentice in Mexico City with Valentin vidoretta.
Antonio Pineda opened his silver workshop in 1939 and hired nearly 100 silversmiths at his peak.
Antonio Pineda Los balistos Carmen Beckman Benez goodspelos Castillo Pedro Castillo William Spratlin, one of the first apprentices Antonio Castillo tréron Young he learned to deal with silver and other metals.
Later, Don Antonio married Margo van Valls Carl.
Don Antonio taught his wife to work with silver, and later her work became very collectible.
About 10 years later, their marriage ended in divorce, and Margot Van Voorhies Carr left Los Castillo, Don Antonio\'s store, and opened his own store.
The silversmith of Los Castillo followed her several times.
Los Castillo has tried several different techniques, always focusing on art and working to prevent the store from becoming a commercial store.
Antonio Castillo tréen died in May 2000, however Los Castillo remains one of the most famous names in Tasco and Los Castillo still produces jewelry and continues
Enrique van woris karixidro ukinya platzrafael pazmiguel Pineda Stella de Corral Francesco Rodrigo is indeed a hobby!
Do you know who made this watch?
I often see it difficult to determine who created vintage Mexican jewelry.
Do you know who made this classic Mexican watch?
If you know the artist, please leave a comment below.
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