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christmas chocolate boxes: up to half of weight is packaging

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-25
The packaging on your Christmas chocolate can account for almost half of the total weight.
Ferrero Rocher was found to be the worst overpackaging in a consumer group study?
Ferrero defended the use of the package, saying that the protection of chocolate needs to be packaged.
The second and third in the report are chocolate from Thorntons and Cadbury, but most of these two chocolates use recyclable materials.
The survey also shows that many shoppers are confused about the recycling symbols that appear on the package. Which?
It is found that 42% of the total weight of Ferrero Rocher\'s collection tray is packaged and only 11% is recyclable.
The continental choice of Thorntons is made up of 29 packages.
The weight is 4%, followed by Cadbury milk plate on the 22nd. 6%.
At the other end of the scale, there are only 11 Lindor Mix for Lindt. 5% packaging.
The only part that is not in the product
Separate wrapping paper is recyclable.
The manufacturer of Ferrero Rocher\'s collection of pallets said the UK\'s \"local infrastructure\" made it possible to recycle large quantities of packaging.
They say this is a carefully crafted product and packaging is essential to protect our chocolate from damage in transportation, in stores and in the home.
\"Another issue highlighted in the report is that many shoppers are not sure what the actual meaning of the chocolate recycling proposal is.
Just over half (48%)
Mistakenly think that the green dots that appear on the side of the box are signs that can be recycled.
This actually means that the manufacturer pays for the recycling plan.
The triangle ring with three arrows is a better one as it indicates that the product can be recycled, but it still doesn\'t guarantee that your local recycling center can be recycled.
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