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Choosing the right stainless steel ring is half the battle

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-23
I think people who have bought stainless steel rings will have the same trouble, that is, stainless steel rings are not as good-looking as they imagined. Hanze Jewelry Factory believes that this is because everyone has different hand shapes and chooses the wrong style. As long as you choose the right stainless steel ring, the match is half the battle.

How do we choose stainless steel rings according to our hand shape? KeKe Jewelry has a few suggestions for reference. The hand shape is nothing more than fleshy fingers, short, slender, slender, thick knuckles and so on. Succulents are recommended to wear a larger ring with patterns to cover up the shortcoming of succulent fingers, and can decorate the fingers so that others can focus on your ring pattern. If your fingers are short, you can wear a V-shaped or bracelet ring, which can elongate people's vision and make people feel that your fingers are relatively slender. Remember not to wear too many stainless steel rings for decoration.

If the fingers are long and slender, you can wear two rings or overlapping rings or a stainless steel ring with gemstones, which can make the fingers look more saturated. People with thick joints can also try a patterned ring, but it is the opposite of the above. It is not suitable to wear gemstones, otherwise it will only make the joints more prominent.

The above are some suggestions from KeKe Jewelry on how to choose stainless steel rings. We focus on the processing and customization of stainless steel jewelry, and support OEM production with drawings and samples. Welcome friends in need to contact us~

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