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channel your inner rapunzel: five top tips to care for hair extensions

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-27
We asked leading hair stylists from all over Ireland about their best tips for nursing hair.
The following women received the award for the first hair extension Award, which recognizes the top hair stylists and experts in Ireland.
We pick their brains and learn how their experience tells them how to care for longer locks.
\"Post finishing is very important for the extension of the hair, using specialized shampoo, conditioner and products is the key,\" Brid said . \".
\"I personally found that the use of specially designed brushes can also prevent damage and paving of bonds.
\"My additional recommendation is to use a small amount of light serum on the hair,\" she added . \".
Brid works for plush hair beauty company in Carlow.
\"My golden rule is to use a dedicated hair extension brush in the morning and evening.
Use a small amount of styling oil at the end, then tie your hair with loose braids at night, and lock with soft curls while sleeping in the morning.
Chelsea work for charliville. Cork.
\"It all has to do with brushing your teeth before going to bed and before washing to avoid the natural tangles caused by wind or friction.
Don\'t brush your hair when it\'s wet, because when the hair follicles are the most vulnerable.
\"Valerie is the owner of the Cowboys and Angels 2 Dublin.
\"My suggestion is to use a water-proof solution.
This can keep the pH balance of the hair and prolong the service life of the hair.
Always remember to attend your salon for free regular maintenance hair check.
\"Donna\'s hairstyle in the studio, embroidery of decals, collaboration. Monaghan.
\"To make sure you care about your extensions, you have to brush them on a regular basis.
Keep your extensions tangled with natural hair
Free with a soft hair brush will ensure you get as long as possible from your expansion collection.
\"My suggestion is to brush your hair thoroughly before you wash it.
When the hair is wet, it will be three times weaker, so it is important to be careful with your hair when wet, and getting all the tangles off before you wash will help to avoid bifurcation and
Pamela works in a beauty salon in Teranure, Dublin.
For a list of Irish salons specializing in extended hair lengths, see.
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