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cannes film festival 2018: chopard jewels sparkle on the red carpet

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-17
Tuesday is the opening day of the Cannes Film Festival, which means that the most anticipated film of the highly respected film festival will be released.
This year, its Todos lo saben (Everyone knows)
Written and directed by Asghar Farhadi, starring Javier Baden and Penelope Cruz.
It also means it\'s the opening day for stars to stroll down the red carpet in Cannes, which means it\'s time for Chopin to shine.
Swiss luxury jewellery and watch brands have been the most intimate partner of the film festival since redesigning the Golden Palm Award in 1998, and the Golden Palm Award is the honorary trophy for the best film of the film festival.
The red carpet is the stage for Chopard to launch the annual premium jewellery Red Carpet Collection.
The tradition began in 2007 and Chopard made a gem for the festival every year.
This year is 71 years, so Chopin has made 71 pieces of jewelry, which will be in 12-day festival.
In addition to this, the same is true for Chopard\'s premium jewellery collection, Sustainable Green Carpet Collection, several other jewellery collections, and watches that will be grandly unveiled on the red carpet.
Julianne Moore, one of Chopin\'s most popular stars, wore 24 pairs of platinum earrings.
Diamond 89 karat, 18 k white gold ring with a pair of emerald-cut diamonds (10. 11 carats)
All the diamonds come from the premium jewelry collection.
Australian actress Kate Blanchett, jury chairman of the 71 Cannes Film Festival, wore a pair of titanium earrings in the red carpet collection with yellow sapphire (42. 02 carats), tsavorites (11. 26 carats), garnets (24. 60 carats)
, As well as 18 k rose gold rings from the temptation series, with 55 pieces. 52-
Carat oval stone, manganese aluminum stone Garnet (10. 87 carats)
Orange Sapphire and blue sapphire.
Hong Kong actress Celina Jade is wearing a pair of earrings in the Green Carpet Collection, 18 k white gold with diamonds, 18 k white gold sleeves with 50 karat diamonds, and 18 k white gold rings with diamonds, 18 k platinum ring with 5-
High jewelry collection of carat pear-shaped diamonds and pavé diamonds.
British model, Georgia May Jagger is wearing a platinum bracelet with horse-eyed diamonds (93. 20 carats)
A beautiful platinum braceletcut diamonds (30. 61 carats)
And an 18 k platinum ring with 5. 35-
Carat marquise diamond in high jewelry collection. British-
Thai actress Araya Hargate earrings in 18 k White Gold (27. 48 carats)
This 18 k white gold bracelet is set with 47 karat diamonds and 18 k white gold rings with South China Sea pearls and diamonds from the fine jewelry collection.
Burundi singer, jury member at 71 Cannes film festival Khadja Nin wearing a pair of 18 k platinum earrings with a pair of pears on them
Diamond (16. 19 carats)
And extra diamonds (14. 83 carats)
, And an 18 k platinum ring with 10 circles on it. 06-Brilliant carat-
Cut diamonds from the premium jewelry collection.
French actress Isabel Ajani wore an 18 k white and rose gold necklace with 451 colorful diamonds and 73 diamonds on a blue titanium bracelet.
Diamond 90 karat, two 18 k platinum bracelets with 13 inlays.
Colorful Sapphire 28 karat, all from the fine jewelry collection.
Caroline huffy, partner of Chopard
The president and artistic director, accompanied by her father, Carl Hoffler, and Spanish tenor Jose Carreras, the pair of Platinum earrings, from the red carpet collection, have two 101-pound emeralds.
54 karat and 23 karat.
30 karat of diamonds;
And an 18 k platinum bracelet with Emerald (25. 91 carats)and diamonds (137. 09 carats)
From the collection of fine jewelry.
Chinese actress Zhao Tao wore a pair of 18 k white gold earrings with cushion Sapphire (31. 93 carats)and diamonds (13. 77 carats)
From the precious Chopard collection, along with an 18 k platinum ring set with cushion tanz stones and diamonds from the premium jewelry collection.
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