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Can the broken 18k gold titanium steel earrings be repaired?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-10
Can the broken 18k gold titanium steel earrings be repaired? KEKE jewelry factory
Fashionable women basically like to wear 18k titanium steel stud earrings, which can show bearing and elegance. But there is a problem, 18k gold titanium steel ear studs are worn in life, and occasionally the ear studs will break. What should I do if I encounter this problem? KEKE has a few suggestions for everyone.

1. Repair welding by yourself. In fact, this is not as difficult as imagined. The 18k gold titanium steel earrings can be easily repaired, but if the welding part is not polished, it will be black and unsightly, and the quality will be relatively poor, and it is very likely to break twice. Not a professional after all.

2. Since you are not professional in repairing and welding yourself, then find a professional repairer. If you find any jewelry store, they will basically repair these jewelry. You can boldly take out your broken 18k gold titanium steel earrings, and the repairman inside will help you weld them, and the speed is fast and the quality is good. Many of them are masters who have been engaged in jewelry processing for many years.

3. If you have expensive 18k gold titanium steel earrings or commemorative jewelry, you can send the titanium steel jewelry back to the store where you bought it, and let him find the original factory for professional welding and maintenance. But this is very rare because it takes more time and effort.

The above is the suggestion given by KEKE jewelry processing factory, I hope it will be useful to you. KEKE jewelry focuses on titanium steel jewelry processing and customized OEM, supports small batch processing, welcome friends in need to contact us.

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