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cable companies lobbying fcc to force customers into using set-top boxes

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-24
According to a recent article on public knowledge, cable companies are pushing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Reconsider the rules regarding encryption of the base cable layer.
During the ear ties program, the FCC passed a rule to ensure that cable companies did not encrypt part of the radio station at all.
Often referred to by the public as \"basic cables\", these stations do not require access to a set of devicestop box.
This is useful for families with multiple TVs and who don\'t want to pay $5 to $15 per TV-top box.
It is also used by many public institutions, such as schools, and consumers who accept excessive poverty. the-
Receive air through the antenna.
Cable companies believe that removing basic cable options will reduce costs, specifically because of the ability to remotely serve digital boxes, rather than sending technical support and reducing piracy through encrypted stations.
However, this will also enable cable companies to significantly increase the number of packages
Set-top boxes currently in American households and increasing incomes-
Highest monthly rent.
This also enables cable companies to provide exclusive access to these stations and can charge license fees to any third party
Party companies who want to develop a solution to watch cable channels in the auxiliary software interface such as Boxee Box.
A representative from Boxee flew from New York to Washington. C.
Meeting with the FCC and explaining why it was a bad decision to overturn the original ruling.
Boxee employees believe that changing the rules will eliminate the functionality of all existing computer TV tuners and reduce
Disadvantaged income families.
They also pointed out that increasing the number of set-
Millions of set-top boxes will mean a sharp rise in power consumption for ordinary American families.
Two or three more groups.
According to Boxee\'s research, the top box of all the TVs in the home, the annual power consumption may double.
Earlier today, BoxeeFounder & CEO Avner Ronen proposed in a blog post that Charter, Comcast, lost a total of 375,000 subscribers to Time Warner Cable and cable in third quarter of 2011, and are looking for ways to increase revenue.
When users fret about cheaper entertainment options like Hulu Plus and Netflix, cable companies want to launch millions of sets-
Top box to offset the loss.
According to toRonen, in 2011, cable companies spent about $50 million on lobbying and received support from the US government (MPAA)in the past.
Boxee is trying to win support from organizations such as the public and Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).
More than 80 documents have been submitted to the FCC on this issue, and the public can view them in the FCC\'s electronic review filing system.
At the hearing, the representative of Boxee also announced support for the FCC\'s proposed Allvid, aCableCARD replacement, which will allow consumers to connect to cable, satellite, Internet TV, VDSL and IPTV via a single adapter.
In addition, a single adapter allows up to 6 TVs to connect and receive video programming in the home over IP.
Internet companies such as Google and consumer electronics companies such as Sony support the proposed solution, but the American Film Association (MPAA) and cable companies (cable)
The article was originally published on Digital Trends, and viewers of online content from digital trends began to like consoles instead of computer networks, the way to surf the Internet or get rid of Netflix
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