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as the worm turns.

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-26
If you build or repair wooden cases, crates, pallets, slides, liners or other wooden packages for transportation, make sure your wood packaging materials are heated-treated (HT)lumber.
Otherwise, your goods may not be able to reach their destination.
This is why: there is a tiny worm called pine wood worm that goes into the trees.
If it is not controlled, it will invade and kill the entire forest. This wood-
Boring worms may appear in the wood you use for wooden packaging.
If you ship infected packaging CONUS or OCONUS, you will help spread the worm and its hazards.
Heated wood factory
The wood will be stamped with HT.
This small mark tells you that it meets the standard of wood packaging materials. It\'s OK to use. Getting Heat-
If you have purchased processed wood locally, make sure the wood is marked with HT.
If you order from DLA, please write in the note box of the requisition: Hot-
Only wood is treated.
When the wood arrives, look for HT marks.
For information on DLA wood and wood products, please visit the wood products page on the website of the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia $91: You can even download the wood and wood products catalogue from the same website: the directory includes NIINs, MIL-
Specifications, wood type, suggestion for typical use, and information on board length, width and thickness.
Certification requirements and marking if you build a wooden package from scratch, or if you use a liner, you need to be certified before marking the finished product with a set of certification marks.
If you receive a package that has been labeled, do not stamp it again unless you have to repair it.
After repair, paint the old certification mark and stamp it with your own certification mark.
You need the rubber stamp with the certification mark.
The use of IPPC stamps must be certified.
Contact logistics support activities (LOGSA)
Center for packaging, storage and container (PSCC)
Information about certification and stamping: telephone DSN 795-7105 or (570)895 7105.
Or send an email to: PT @ tobyhanna. army.
Mil you may need to get two different stamps: one with stamps on wooden cases, crates, trays and slides, and the other with DUN on them,
You also need a stamp pad and black ink. NSN 7510-00-526-
1741 bring 3 1/4-in x 6 1/4-in pad. Get a 2-
Oz plastic bottle ink with NSN 7510-00-161-4237. (1)
Recognized international symbols for wood packaging materials that meet these standards. (2)Two-
The letter code of the manufacturing country. (3)
Dodge of units that build or repair wooden packaging. (4)Two-
Specifies the letter code for wood processing.
The code should always be HT. (5)
Indicates that the wood is used as a liner.
Otherwise, leave it blank. (6)
Said the product was made by DOD activities.
* Heating required-
Handling is only applicable to wood used to build and repair boxes, crates, pallets, slides and pad plates.
Plywood, broken board and other man-made wood products that do not need to be heatedtreatment.
* Guidelines for soft, hard wood and imports (CONUS)and export (OCONUS)shipments.
* The liner inside the wooden box or box must be stamped with the certification mark.
But it does not need to be padded with a shield.
The liner inside the ISO or MILVAN container must be stamped with the certification mark, including the DUN, to indicate the liner.
* Since September 16, 2005, authorities at domestic and foreign ports and air terminals may refuse to forward goods using wooden packaging materials lacking proper certification marks.
They will ship the goods back to the original port or the original port.
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