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Answers about the electroplating of titanium steel jewelry-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-09
About the electroplating of titanium steel jewelry-KEKE jewelry processing factory
From the design of titanium steel jewelry to the production of finished products, there is a step in this process called electroplating. About the knowledge of electroplating, I believe that some people have known and touched it, but KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that most people still do not know, here is the Please answer this knowledge.

Electroplating is a necessary process in jewelry processing. Why should titanium steel jewelry be electroplated? Generally speaking, there are two aspects. One is to beautify the appearance and change the color of the jewelry surface, such as gold, rose gold, black, gray, etc. in the jewelry. This is not the primary color of the titanium steel raw material, but the color changed by electroplating. The second is to improve the color retention time. Electroplating 18K gold on titanium steel jewelry can prevent oxidation and improve the color retention time.

Electroplating is also divided into water electroplating and vacuum electroplating. Water electroplating is chemical electroplating. The brightness of electroplating is relatively high, but the color retention is short. Titanium steel jewelry basically adopts vacuum electroplating, and the color retention time is relatively long, and some can reach 2-3 years. KEKE jewelry processing plants all use vacuum electroplating to ensure quality and quantity.

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