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Analysis of titanium steel jewelry processing factory why titanium steel jewelry has been hot?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-03
Analysis of titanium steel jewelry processing factory why titanium steel jewelry has been hot?

Many people may ask, why is titanium steel jewelry so hot? There is a reason for the unabated heat. Titanium steel is a modern material with a development history of more than 60 years. Since titanium steel jewelry began to appear in recent years, titanium steel has integrated the image of modern materials and the excellent reputation in jewelry applications. All in one, with proper maintenance, there will be no corrosion, pitting, rust or wear.

Moreover, the plasticity of titanium steel jewelry is higher than that of other jewelry, and it can create shapes that other jewelry cannot make. Therefore, the popularity of titanium steel jewelry has not subsided, but more and more people like it and are willing to choose titanium steel jewelry as their daily decorative jewelry. The update speed of titanium steel jewelry is also getting faster and faster, and the styles are full of drippings. Everyone can find a jewelry that they like.

Titanium steel jewelry is also very simple to maintain, and does not require the same care as traditional gold and silver jewelry. Just store it in a dry environment when not wearing it every day, and wipe the surface of titanium steel frequently to keep the jewelry luster and brightness. Coupled with the characteristics of the material, every time you wear it, it will be like a newly bought jewelry. shining.

In addition, I believe that many people who like to wear titanium steel jewelry will find that some titanium steel jewelry will fade and some will not. Why is this? The following KeKe Jewelry jewelry to talk about the reasons.

Titanium steel jewelry is made of the same material inside and outside. It is characterized by strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no discoloration, no allergies, no deformation, hard and bright, and is loved by many people. But in fact, in addition to the natural color, any color electroplating will fade after a long time of wear. The electroplating process is good and the color retention time is long. On the contrary, the electroplating process is poor and the color retention time is short. Among them, if you wear jewelry during sports, sweating or bathing, it will speed up the fading time, so it is not recommended to wear it in the above scenarios.

The titanium steel jewelry of our KeKe Jewelry jewelry all use the vacuum electroplating coating process, and the color retention time is longer than other electroplating processes. And some people think that the titanium steel jewelry that does not fade should be the original color titanium steel jewelry that has not passed electroplating. Because the material is mainly stainless steel, this kind of titanium steel jewelry will not fade. Everyone should understand by now!

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